Types Of Psychometric Assessment That You Can Conduct

Types Of Psychometric Assessment That You Can Conduct

Some people don’t really understand the importance of aptitude test and end up making the hiring decision solely on what is mentioned in the CV and what the candidate at the time of interview says. However, they don’t really understand that assessment gives a clear idea of hiring but if you are not really sure whether the person is capable of coming up with new ideas and concepts that would help your business strategize future plans then certainly this is the right page where you have landed up. However, simply reading out this article won’t help; make it a point that you start utilizing the test in a right manner and stay stress free in terms of hiring.

Why psychometric assessment?

At times, when you look forward to hire the candidate who can do multiple works within the limited budget that you have set for the organization, you would wonder which option to choose. At such point, it is the psychometric test that can be an effective platform. This type of test is designed to assess the behavioural pattern and work style which a candidate performs and get a clear idea on whether he is really capable to performing as per the organization’s expectation or not. There are many daily tasks that need to be done proactively. The focus of psychometric assessment is to analyse if the candidate is capable of doing that.

Know the different types of psychometric assessment:

When the candidates are presented with this test and the condition is to complete it in a stipulated time span, then it allows the employers to make the direct comparisons on how the daily tasks needs to be carried out. As you would be planning to conduct this type of assessment, here are few things that you need to know. It is categorized into two types those are:

  • Ability tests
  • Behavioural personality tests

Aptitude tests

Ability test also popular by the name of aptitude test is performed at the initial phase of the interview process. This type of test helps in evaluating the candidate’s performance on specific tasks which can be important for the role. It often includes types such as logical reasoning or numerical ability. Depending upon the role, the level of the test is descried. It comes with multiple choices and the results are standardized.

Behavioural personality tests

The name itself suggests the agenda behind conducting such test. It is important to understand whether the candidate can represent himself in front of the client or not, whether he is a team player or the individual player, whether he has short tempted issues or is capable enough to handle even the extreme situations with patience. Again, this test pattern also comes with multiple choice questions. However, the questions are generally based on the real scenarios that an organization is most likely to come across on routine basis.

With such types of psychometric test, it is important that you make a clear walkthrough for your organization to build a strong foothold in the competitive market without any kind of hassle.