Typical Causes Of Common Car Problems

Car problems are very common. It can happen anytime and anywhere. Unfortunately, car problems happen when we least expect it or when it’s the most inconvenient time for us. The car won’t start when you’re already late for work; the lights won’t light up when you need to drive at night; the car suddenly becomes a thrill ride when you’re driving your children to school. If this happens to you, what should you do?

Here are some of the most common car problems, what causes it, and how to address the issue.
Knocking Noises from Your Engine
This is probably the most common car problem that many drivers complain of. There is this irritating knocking sound that comes from the engine when they’re driving. Most car repairmen will tell you though that this problem can easily be resolved by adjusting the valve clearance of the valve train components. However, if the problem is persistent even if you’ve already adjusted the clearance, then it’s best that you let an expert address the issue.
Air Conditioner Not Working
Another common car problem is an air conditioner that doesn’t work or doesn’t cool properly. The most common cause of this problem is not enough refrigerant, and it is one of the most commonly overlooked car problem. This problem though can easily be resolved by recharging the car’s AC with refrigerant or Freon.
However, if you’re positive that the refrigerant level is still quite adequate, then the problem probably lies on a defective compressor. If you suspect this to be the problem, then you have to bring your vehicle to a mechanic who can inspect the AC system and repair or replace parts.
Spark Plugs That Misfire or are Worn Out
There are so many reasons why your car’s engine is no longer performing that well or your car is no longer fuel efficient. The most common yet most overlooked reason though is a spark plug that misfires or is already worn out. This problem can easily be solved by replacing the spark plug, of course. However, if the problem still persists even if you’ve already replaced the spark plug, then you need to bring your car to the shop.
Vehicle that Veers to One Side
If you’ve noticed the vehicle swerving or veering to one side when you’re hands are not guiding the steering wheel, then there is a problem with the wheel alignment. If you notice that you have to constantly guide the steering wheel so the car is traveling in a straight direction, then you have to have the wheel alignment adjustment. There’s no other way to address the issue but by bringing your car to the mechanic and having the wheel alignment readjusted.
Invasive Gasoline Smell
An invasive gasoline smell may be caused by a lot of things, but the most common reason is a loose or a missing gas cap. The problem can easily be solved by tightening the cap and making sure that it is sealed. If the gasoline smell is persistent though and there is a sudden drop in fuel efficiency, then the problem may be a leaky gas tank or a leaky fuel line. If this is the cause, then a visit to your local car mechanic or serviceman will do you a lot of good.

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