Under Eye Bags, Some Tips For Men

Under eye bags can sometimes be more of a problem for men than for women. However, now that there are so many image-conscious males who take looking good, really seriously, they too are turning to some of the many remedies and procedures that can not only treat the appearance of under-eye bags but also, in the process, restore a more youthful look to the whole face which is definitely a big bonus!

Nowadays, it is not just big name celebrities who turn to cosmetic procedures. Of course, there are not many who are candid enough to ‘own up’ to having any sort of work done but when you see your favorite star looking younger in this year’s pictures than in last year’s – well, you draw your own conclusions!

Of course cosmetic surgery should not necessarily be the first line of action to remedy this particular problem. Although surgical procedures can be extremely effective and long-lasting for under eye bags, drooping eyelids and even dark circles, there are many other options which are non-invasive and which can also be hugely effective.

Home Remedies You Could Try

For example, home remedies can be surprisingly effective. Application of cold, either in the form of chilled teaspoons placed over the eyes, cotton wool pads soaked in iced water and applied as a compress, or even a facial eye mask chilled in the fridge before applying over closed eyelids can produce very good short-term effects. These remedies work by causing the tiny blood vessels in the eye area to constrict and bring rapid relief and soothing comfort to tired eyes.

Are Allergies The Cause?

Allergies can also be a cause of under eye bags and removing the cause of the allergic reaction will, in many cases, solve the problem. It could be pet hair, pollen or even a food allergy. Long-term sinus problems can also result in a build-up of fluid under the eyes and in men, this can often be caused if they have had a sporting injury that has damaged the nose. It would be well worth checking with your doctor if this is the problem in your case as if so, problems like a deviated septum are relatively easy to remedy with surgery.

Are You Under Stress?

Stress is another prime culprit, even if indirectly, for the cause of eye bags. Being stressed often means being too busy to eat properly and not getting the right balance of nutrients needed for healthy functioning of our bodies. It can also mean that we tend to drink too many, dehydrating caffeinated drinks rather than feeding our bodies the water that is so vital for maintaining health. In addition, being stressed can also result in lack of sleep (which can have a major impact on skin), feeling tired and rubbing the eyes – all of which exacerbate the problem. If you recognize the signs and symptoms of being stressed in yourself, take action to remedy the situation and many other problems could also be resolved – including those eye bags!

So before you consider anything too drastic, try some home remedies, check out the cause of any allergies and whether or not an injury or sinus problem might be the cause of your problem. Finally, take some steps to reduce the stress in your life – maybe you should check in for a spa session and facial which could have a beneficial effect on your stress levels as well as those eye bags!

Author Alison Graham invites you to visit her website under-eyecircles.com to find more suggestions for home remedies for eye bags as well as a wealth of advice on treating problems of the under eye area with at-home treatments, non prescription treatments and dermatologist and cosmetologist procedures.