Understanding International Removals

When people ponder a move or relocation abroad, they hear about international removal companies, but they wonder what they do. This is a guide regarding what they do and tips regarding the services that they offer.

1) Variety of Choice

There are many companies who handle different types of professional experienced international removals, so you’ll be spoiled for choice. Go onto a company’s website and find out about their services. Try to find out what their customers have said about the services they received and whether they will use that particular company again. If possible, go on a comparison website, where you will be able to compare the prices that the international companies offer along with their services. It’s better if you start the research as soon as you can, as the whole procedure of moving abroad can take months.

2) Take it Slow

There is a temptation to take the first decent quote that comes your way. It is unwise to do that. The international removals market is very competitive, so seek quotes from at least four companies at the minimum, before you decide which one to choose.

3) Beware of Unscrupulous Practices

A decent removal company will send a surveyor to your property. They will take a note of all of your possessions that will have to be packed. It’s important that you’re truthful when stating to the surveyor how many possessions that you have, as the company will base the quote off the information that you give to the surveyor. This service by the surveyor should be carried out for free. If the company state beforehand that you have to be charged for this service, move onto another company, as you shouldn’t be charged.

4) Packing Services

Most of the companies in this particular industry will offer packing services. It’s a good idea to take them up on this offer. Moving abroad will entail a great amount of planning and a substantial amount of time doing other things, such as finding a new home, getting employment and cancelling bank accounts. The best companies in this industry will have experienced movers who can pack your possessions in a brisk manner. It would take a huge task off your hands, giving you time to sort out other matters pertaining to the move.

5) Questions, questions, questions

It’s important to ask as many questions as possible. You should ask the company how long they’ve been in business for, whether they’re insured and whether they are members of any recognised bodies in the industry, i.e. BAR overseas, Omni etc.
Most removal companies have been around for some time, so it’s a better option to go with an established company who have a large amount of experience in this area.
You are entrusting a company with all of your belongings. The onus is on you to make sure that the company is properly registered and that they are fully insured.

6) Mode of Transport

Most removals companies will transport your possessions either by air freight or by container, if you are moving to a country outside Europe. Air freight is quicker than transporting your belongings by container, but it is very expensive. If you do transport them by container, it will take some time before they reach their destination, possibly two months or more.

7) Documentation and Quote

The documentation that you will require to enter your new country will differ from country to country. Ask the international company regarding the correct documentation that you will need. Also, ask the company what services are included in the quote and which ones aren’t.