Understanding Interracial Relationships

People are born with different skin color and culture. It is a good thing that many countries have asserted equality between the races, although the implementation isn’t always perfect. Some traces of concern and hesitation may still exist during interracial relationship. Although people with different races can live comfortably side by side, dating can burn them somewhat

Minorities may find it difficult to locate someone with similar ethnicity and race. The available pool of applicants can be quite small and this situation can make us somewhat uncomfortable. Consequently, their only solution is to date interracially. Minorities may date a bit in high school and college, but probably not as often as their peers. It is true that our situation is different, but people with interracial relationship can have really unique situation.

In a relationship, race is entirely irrelevant. The feeling of attraction and love doesn’t depend on ethnicity and skin color. Love is color blind and true love doesn’t add skin color into equation. However, such statements could be rather stifling and limiting. It is still important to accept ourselves when we are different with the rest of people. It is more relieving to be acknowledged as being different, but very well accepted at the same time.

This applies in the interracial relationships as well. Each family has its own value and rules. So attempting to enter it can be somewhat difficult. It is more difficult to tell which one is right or wrong, but we should still be confident in this situation. No matter how attractive and nice a family is, dating their daughter can be next to impossible due to difference in religion, ethnicity or skin color.

At least, these families are clear with their values and we know how to deal with limits and requirements. We won’t know what lies behind their statements, but we should respect their frankness and honesty; although this could leave us somewhat bruised. It takes maturity and courage to state this kind of opinion, although the topic can be quite controversial,
Children are one of the favourite topics during dating and many couples plan for their future.

We should also consider how our children will be born into an interracial family. While such a topic can be a bit too premature to discuss, it is also a good opportunity to know each other’s opinion. This will let us know whether our feeling and thoughts are compatible. Couples with committed and loving parents may not face challenges from their families, but this could still be a handicap to consider.

As we speak, our world could become much more diverse and there are more and more parents with different racial compositions. They are committed to their family and their kids often flourish academically and socially. Children from two different ethnicities and skin colors should be watched for signs of stress and impairment. After all, they are just normal human being like the rest of us.