Unique Christmas Presents For The Couple Who Have Everything

Unique Christmas Presents For The Couple Who Have Everything

Do you have couples in your family or friendship group that have everything? Aren’t they just the hardest people to get presents for? Obviously, you could get them the standard matching socks or bathrobes or a nice ornament, but let’s face it, it doesn’t build excitement and they have already probably got a load of these. No, why not opt for something that they are going to enjoy and remember. Quirky gifts are always nice like personalised 3D portraits or a nice piece of art, but in theory, people get much more enjoyment out of experiences. It is quite common for people to lose satisfaction with material items but they will always remember that amazing getaway they had to leave a smile on everyone’s face.  

No matter whether they are an adrenaline junkie couple who love to go skiing or a pair of foodies who love to cook and eat at restaurants, there is always an experience that they have not done and will love. In this article, we will go through some great gift ideas for the happy couple in your life that have everything. 

A Quiet Weekend Somewhere

The rat race is a real thing and it is easy to let life just pass you by when you are busy. Couples have to worry about so much like getting a mortgage, their jobs, kids and even parents so it isn’t like they don’t have enough things going on which puts a strain on a relationship.  

You could always treat the couple by giving them the gift of a weekend together somewhere quiet where they can escape the hustle from the city. You will know how much it means when you can spend some time together on your own so this is a great gift. You could enjoy a traditional Irish Christmas weekend away, or go for something slightly more secluded. Not only is it amazing getting away with a partner, but it also reduces heart disease for men and mental health for women so getting away is good for all. This doesn’t have to be anywhere abroad (not like we could anyway) but it can be somewhere in the country where you can go glamping or go stargazing.

Pamper Day 

A pamper is always a great gift, whether that is from your partner or a professional. There is nothing better than relaxing with candles, warm lighting and a masseuse to work on your knots, so having couples pamper sessions is just what they need. 

Couples treatments are designed to help with allowing full relaxation and intimacy with one another as it provides a space to create lasting memories and bonds. This is great as it also encourages you to forget about everyday life or the past and future and brings attention to enjoy each other’s company.

Another benefit of a couples spa day is that it not only relaxes your muscles, but it also releases oxytocin, commonly known as the love hormone. This amazing chemical can do so much for the body including calmness and happiness.

Cooking Companionship

Give the couple the gift of food this year. You could obviously get them a meal but teach them how to make a meal and they will be able to do it for a lifetime. Nothing ever says I love you more than a good quality home-cooked meal, but if you are not much of a cook, then the interpretation may not be reciprocated right. Let’s face it, we can’t all be Jamie Oliver, can we?

Why not help the couple learn to cook by sending them to an interactive cooking masterclass. All they need is some guidance with a sprinkle of love and a tablespoon of love which is the perfect recipe for success and spice the relationship up. 

A cooking class is not only educational but it is a lot of fun where they get to meet like-minded people. It is also romantic as you both get stuck in together where you can learn new skills and bring them home with you to enjoy for a lifetime. 

Date Night In

Sometimes it is extremely difficult to set some time aside for a romantic date night together. If you have a couple who are a bit of a home bird and feel their life could do with a bit of spicing up, then there is no better gift for them than a date night subscription box for Christmas. These boxes can include games and activities focused on the night’s theme. Each month they will receive a special box where they can enjoy a date night with each other.