Unique Hanukkah Recipe Gift Giving Ideas

Holiday gift giving has turned into something that is very commercial. While it is great to get a gift that was bought in a store, it is much more meaningful when the gift was made by the person giving the gift. If you want to give gifts that mean something this year, then consider baking Jewish holiday recipes for cookies and other treats to give away.

Jewish Cookie Recipes

Cookies are always popular with people, regardless of their religion, age or relationship to you. When selecting cookie recipes for your gift baskets or plates, think about the holiday that they are being given on, for example, if you are giving away cookies for Hanukkah gifts then try to find fried cookie recipes.

Rosette cookies and sweet potato beignets are two recipes that are tasty. You can also infuse your other cookie recipes with an oil theme by dipping regular cookies in a batter mixture and deep frying them. Deep fried OREO® cookies are a favorite of many people, as are deep fried chocolate and mint cookies.

Jewish Cake Recipes

Cake, like cookies, is liked by a wide range of people. The best part about giving cake as a gift is that the icing on the cake acts as the cake’s wrapping paper. There are a lot of different Jewish cake recipes that you can bake and handout. Coffee cake and apple cakes in particular are popular food gifts handed out during Jewish holidays. However, you are not limited to just Jewish recipes. You can also make other traditional cakes like Black Forest Cakes, yellow cakes and chocolate cakes. To keep your cakes fresh, deliver them in a cake box or cake carrier.

Jewish Food Baskets

Food sampler baskets also make great gifts for those that mean a lot to you. These baskets can contain items to make a traditional Jewish holiday meal, or they can be filled with a variety of food items such as brisket (cooked), Jewish breads and an assortment of homemade spreads. This type of gift is very popular for many Jewish holidays, as it demonstrates the dedication the Jewish community has to helping those in need and celebrating holidays with the people that are important in their lives.

Recipe Gifts

If you are not the best cook in the family, then consider another type of food gift, a recipe gift. Recipe gifts include things like a collection of family recipes and canning jars that are filled with the dry ingredients for a batch of cookies. These gifts help you to pass on cooking traditions to the people in your life and also are an affordable and more personal alternative to store bought gifts.

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