Unusual Uses For your Accessories

One of the secrets of success with any ensemble is the careful use of accessories. Choosing the right scarf, shoes, belts, tights and jewellery can make the difference between a look that is merely mundane and one that is fabulous. But your accessories may also get you out of a few tight spots. Here are some examples.


Ever dropped a favourite earring just as you were getting ready to go out? If you don’t want it to be lost forever, a spare pair of tights could save you. Just wrap the tights around the vacuum cleaner hose and waft it around the floor. It will find your lost earring and the tights will prevent it from going into the dust bag.

And of course you can also use your tights as tights, but with a difference. Try customizing them to make an unusual complement to a designer outfit. Using tie dye or adding beads and sequins can change an ordinary pair of tights into a pair of customized leggings that will be the envy of your friends.

Nail Polish

There’s nothing like a touch of colour on the tips of your fingers to lift an outfit, but did you know that nail polish has a lot of other practical uses? If you love costume jewellery but yours is starting to look a bit worn, you can reduce the tarnish – and prevent the green stain it leaves – by applying a coat of clear nail polish. Better yet, apply it when the jewellery is new to stop it from tarnishing at all.

Need to do an emergency repair to a button, seam or hem? It can be difficult to thread the needle, but it seems that nail polish can ease the pain. All you have to do is dip your thread in a tiny bit of nail polish and it will be much easier to get it through the eye of the needle.


Your jewellery can also do double duty. If the straps on your summer dress are a bit too long, gather them into a brooch to shorten them with style. Brooches also come in handy to pinch the waist of jackets for that ultra-flattering fitted look. And necklaces have multiple uses. Large necklaces can double as belts; small ones can be wound around to form bracelets or anklets.

The lesson here is that most accessories can be used for other purposes – so always carry some spare items!

Sharon Hurley Hall writes for Arkangel and Felon, suppliers of designer party dresses.