Up The Elegance Of Your Evergreen This Christmas

‘Tis the season to be merry. It’s also time to deck out your evergreen. After all, the decorations are ultimately what make a triumphant Christmas tree.

Here’s how to up the elegance of your evergreen this year.

Pick your tree. Before you bejewel your tree with Christmas decorations, choose the right evergreen. While some prefer the look and smell of a real tree, others prefer the cleanliness and reliability of a fake one.

Get the right shape. If you’re buying a real tree, make sure you see the tree out of its netting. Preferably, the tree should have evenly spaced branches and a symmetric, tapered shape. And remember to plump for one that has nice tips on the ends of its branches. Sure, a sheared tree is cheaper, but it looks faker and you’ll spend more time clearing up the needles.

Get a Christmas tree stand. First thing’s first, cut the stump off the tree and put it in water pronto. A fresh-cut tree will soak up loads of water, so it’s important to check and refill the water level several times a day for the first week. Make sure you put your Christmas tree in a stand equipped with a sizable water reservoir to keep it filled.

Decide on a colour scheme. Think of a colour theme that complements the room your tree will be in. Colours could include all green, red and gold or red and silver. Otherwise, you can consider using non-traditional garland colours to give your tree an unusual, modern look.

Think of a theme. If you really want an outstanding tree this year, settle on a theme such as snowflakes, nutcrackers or angels.

Lights first. When decorating your Christmas tree, put lights on first, then the ornaments and garlands. Either incandescent or LED lights will do, but get small ones since their purpose ought to accentuate the decorations, not be garlands themselves. And remember, hang the lights from top to bottom, pushing them part way into the branches so as to conceal the wire. Use them in moderation and space them evenly.

Placement of ornaments. The aim of Christmas decorations is that they should enhance and not dominate the tree. So avoid glittery things. If you use tinsel, use it sparingly and add each strand separately, making sure each hangs straight down. As a nice alternative, use glass icicles instead. And don’t hang all your Christmas decorations on the tips of the branches. Add depth and interest by adding them ‘inside’ your tree.

Festoon the tree. Elegance is key, so plain balls are another traditional, chic ornament. Also, if you want to keep the minimalist look, stick to using white or silver decorations otherwise use a simple colour scheme or use colour cautiously. If you don’t opt for glass balls, use things that aren’t just for the tree. Sweets and other things are popular additions. You could even use pine cones or fruit.

Finishing touches. For the icing on the cake, wrap ribbon around your tree. Mesh ribbon’s the best bet. Start at the top and work your way down. Why not fluff out your tree with some glittery red berries? And last but not lease, don’t forget to festoon the bottom of your tree. To add more depth, hand decorations closer to the trunk. From icicles, to squares, to teardrops, there’s a whole variety of Christmas ornaments up for grabs.

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