Use Recycled Materials For Green Patio Decor

You can easily update your patio without having to break the bank. There are many different projects that you can do on your own with materials that you already have in your own home. By recycling materials in your home, you will clear some clutter indoors and create a beautiful space outdoors. All you need is to plan ahead and set aside some time to work on your projects. Here are some tips and projects for creating a beautiful patio using recycled materials.
Look Around and Get Inspired
One of the first things you want to do is look around your home and find things that you might want to get rid of. You might have an old table or chair that you have thought of throwing away. Once you know what you have, you can start looking for ideas of what to use it for. There are many different websites and blogs, like Pinterest, in which you can find projects that other people, have done using recycled materials. Search for projects with the specific items you want to use.

Tree Stump Table
Another great project to create some cheap furniture for your patio is by using a tree stump. You might have one already or you can look around your neighborhood to see if you find any lying around. You can then lightly sand the tree stump and paint it with primer and paint. Tree stump tables are a big trend and are sold in designer furniture store in metallic, white, or bright colors. You can also use a metallic spray paint on your tree stump.
Wooden Pallet Furniture
You can create some nice furniture for your patio using old wood pallets. All you need is a brightly colored paint and primer. Create a small bench by painting several wood pallets in a color like lime green or teal and stacking them on top of each other. You can then upholster an old pillow or cushion and place it on top as the seat. You can create a table repeating the same process omitting the pillow part.
Glass Jar Vases and Tea Light Holders
There are many projects that you can create out of empty glass jars (example: pickle jar). You can paint the empty jars in the color of your choice to create beautiful vases to add some flowers and plants on your patio. You can also wrap rope around the jar to create a trendy rope vase. If you want to add some teal ights to your patio, you can clean the jar thoroughly and paint it in a translucent color. You can then place a small tea light in each of them.
Upholster Old Chairs with Coffee Sacks
If you have a couple of old chairs that you would like to update, you can use coffee sacks to upholster them. Paint the chairs if they are chipped or require a new coat of paint. Then, remove the cushions and cover them with the coffee sacks cut into square shapes. You can use a heavy duty stapler to staple the cover to the back of the chair.
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