Useful iPhone Apps For Recruiters

One of the reasons of the huge popularity of Apple products is the plethora of applcaitions that are offered for the users. There is certainly no user group that doesn’t find iPhone useful for his business or profession and recruiters are one of the most benefited group. Today’s recruiter knows the importance of getting the perfect candidate for the job and the way to trap the best talent in the industry. The host of applications that are available for iPhone users have completely changed the way the recruitments were done. Some of the most useful iPhone apps for recruiters are:

Top 5 iPhone applications for recruiters

  1. LinkedIn app: This free application from LinkedIn needs no introduction for any recruiter. This application will allow you to connect with every new person you meet and who has a potential to be a perfect candidate for your requirements.
  2. The Interviewer: Even though this application comes for a small price, nonetheless the $14.99 that you pay for it, are worth as the applications guides you throughout the process of interview. It screens the candidates during the pre interview stage, helps in gauging them thoroughly during the interview stages and finally digs into their profiles to bring all the low downs of the candidate in front of the recruiter post interview. In short the application assists the recruiter by dividing the entire interview process into three stages.
  3. The Auto Search Mobile app: This application makes use of the data coming through social networking websites. All the relevant data based on the qualification, experience and location criteria are screened and brought in front of the recruiter, thereby saving his time. Modestly priced at $4.99, this is a perfect application for small businesses with urgent needs.
  4. Tweetie: Coming only for $2.99, this application comes with integration with twitter. The advantage of using this application is the option of retweeting your job posts without too much of efforts. In line browsing and automatic URL shortening will save a lot of time in your search for the perfect employee. Even though there are certain other twitter applications are present for iPhone but Tweetie gets a hand on die to the sheer flexibility and the user friendly experience that it provides.
  5. Search on the Go: This $9.99 application will convert your searches into a full-fledged Boolean string and will search through all the available resumes, blogs, Excel files and PDFs over the net. You can then save the search results and contact the prospective candidates with an ease. Surely a lot of time saved. Even though the current application works only with the Google search engine, it provides excellent results.

In addition to all these applications, there are several industry specific applications available to assist recruiters. All you need to do is to browse through the Apple apps store and find the application that fulfills your purpose and get your tasks done.

As a SEO consultant and content writer, Nick works with a number of recruitment consulting firms who are interested in gender diversity.