Using Exterior Paint

Using Exterior Paint

Many homeowners, when buying exterior paint, think that all they have to know when buying it is what color it should be but there are other things to consider.  You need to consider the surface you are painting, the temperature outside, and the type of exterior paint you need.  There are two types of exterior paint, which include:

  • Oil-based—using this outdoor paint will take approximately four hours to complete dry, which you need to keep in buy when you are trying to make the decision which type to purchase. Oil-based does cover well but you will need to use turpentine to clean your rollers and brushes when you finish.  This paint does not contract and expand as the weather cools and warms.
  • Latex—this is a water-based paint that is relatively easy to use and dries to the touch in less than sixty minutes. When cleaning the rollers and brushes you just need to use soap and water.  This type of paint is what most people prefer to use because it “breathes.”  This means that when the weather is colder it contracts and when the weather is hotter it will expand and is very durable.

The one drawback with using latex exterior paint coatings is that it has a property in that that will not allow it to be applied over a surface that was painted using an oil-based paint previously.  If you do use latex on this type of surface it could cause it to bubble up as the latex paint dries, requiring you to sand the entire surface smooth before you can repaint it.  If you have a surface that has been previously painted and you do not know what type of paint was used, be safe, and use an oil-based exterior paint.

Before you can start your project you will need to prepare the surface.  You will need to make sure that it is clean and dry.  If there is any peeling or loose paint you will need to sand it down until the surface is smooth.  Any cracks or holes in the wood will also need filling before you can paint.  When you are considering painting the exterior and are working on a budget you need to consider these items in that budget.

The outside temperature is another thing to consider before you purchase your exterior paint.  Check the paint label to find out what temperature is recommended to use the product.  If it states that you can use it if the temperature is fifty degrees or higher this will also include the reading overnight along with the daily high.  For at least twenty-four hours after you finish painting the weather must be fair with no rain in the forecast.