Using Glass Tiles On Your Next Project

Many think glass tiles are an item from the modern age. In fact, they have been around for thousands of years. It has been known that glass was set in pictorial mosaic scenes some 2000 years before the birth of Christ. It wasn’t until 2500 years later did artisans from Greece, Persia and India created glass for use in tiles. Over centuries the technology for glass tiles has improved.  In early times the need for high temperatures and the curving of glass along with other materialistic issues caused this element to be a difficult product to work with.

In century old mosaic tile scenes one can notice the use of opaque glass thin tiles. These tiles are known as Smalti tiles. These tiles were popular around the Byzantine Empire, a period of time when glass was just coming into favor in Roman era. Some people refer to these tiles as Byzantine tiles instead of their technical name, Smalti. Smalti tiles can still be seen in Roman churches and ornamental objects from long ago. These tiles are available in modern day use and are quite unique and favorable for those looking for an artistic design.
With the improvements of kiln ovens along with natural gas glass tiles came into favor and had a major rejuvenation over the last century. In today’s world recycled glass is being remelted and turned into glass tiles. This Eco friendly idea is a good thing for the modern world. Artisans have appeared using this method with producing unique and one of a kind tiles for a special home project.
Finding uses in modern glass tiles is a wonder of beauty. Some people use these types of tiles in bathrooms, kitchens and backsplashes for walls. With fusing glass and new bonding materials set into place there are ways to use glass tiles as flooring. Learning more about this and the many uses of glass tiles be it looking in for an Anaheim tile or any other tile store within a local area. Ask the professional staff for help in selecting the correct type of glass tile but also the correct way to set and grout into place for a professional outcome.
Many tile DYI project homeowners overlook the idea of using glass tiles within a bathroom or flooring project due in part to their slippery surface. Modern production has come a long way and today a large portion of these tiles are slip resistant. Some people believe that the glass itself does not retain the strength to hold up under heavy traffic and pressure. Once again this is not the case as glass tiles are very durable and can withstand impacts along with substantial foot traffic. In fact, people may notice the use of glass tiles in commercial projects in public malls and cities. This alone proves their ability to withstand years of wear even in areas with large populations and extreme use.
Glass tiles vary in size. Many people use them in their mosaic size from small and different colors to facets. There are the Smalti tiles which are used often in the separation or edging of large tiled areas. Commercial and wall tiles can measure up to 18” inches square. A new and modern effect within commercial bathrooms but also within larger homes for those who are looking for a modernistic design.
When selecting tiles to complete a flooring projects take a look at the textured glass tiles. These tiles are slip resistant due to their surface but do not show wear or scratches over their lifespan. This is true with cloudy colors or a natural smokey opaque tiles. These colored tiles help with the wear and tear of everyday use and keeps a clean surface over time. When searching for the correct kind of tile take a look in for an Anaheim tile outlet or any other local outlet for a great selection of this and other types of tiles for the home.
There are many types and styles of glass tiles to select. Choosing the correct one for the right project is important. Modern glass tiles that are used in damp showers, bathrooms and even swimming pools now have a coated backing. With this seal and the correct grout helps prevent any water damage to them. This is a must when installing as water behind glass tiles is an element for disastrous effects. Be sure to acquire professional help in any DYI project but also give thought to hiring a professional to install glass tiles for you. Correctly setting this type of tile can be difficult and without a doubt be a burden for many do it yourself project seekers.
Paul Foley spends many weks a year tiling with glass for several retail outlets in and sround Arizona.