Using Storage To Help Downsize

Downsizing can be a real challenge, whether you’re moving a business, or adjusting your home clutter. Sorting out how to fit your possessions into a new area, and working out the best way to keep items secure, are just some of the many problems faced during the downsizing process. Investing in professional storage solutions can make a big difference to this process, either through the use of customisable containers that fit storage to the space you have available, through to making assessments over health and safety. At the same time, it’s worth considering how different storage solutions can help with temporary moves.

Fit the Storage to the Space

Perhaps the most important approach to take when downsizing is to fit your storage to the available space. If moving home, this means finding containers that can be collapsed when not in use, or stacked up too crate greater sizes – steel and plastic stillages are good for this purpose. You may also want to find shelving solutions that can reduce the amount of clutter on the floors of garages and basements. Cantilevered shelving can work here to provide support for a large number of different items.

The same approach to tailoring storage solutions to space works if you need to downsize your office or warehouse. Nested containers placed together, and stacked into pallets and stillages, offer significant flexibility. When not in use, pallets and stillages can be folded up to conserve space. Changing stock levels and inventory taking can also be dealt with through postracked shelves, whereby you only use the space you need through adjustable  beams.


When downsizing, it’s important to be as specific as possible about what storage materials that you’ll need. Galvanised steel stillages can be used as a way of dealing with heavy and valuable items, while lightweight wooden and plastic pallets can be employed to easily move items around a warehouse. Measuring out a space, and providing figures to a professional storage company means that the containers used can be as precise as possible in terms of using a space. The same specificity can be applied to personal storage items in a downsizing move, with lockers and supply cabinets made to measure to address a smaller staffing situation.

Health and Safety Assessments

Being unsure about how safely you can store items after a downsize can lead to problems with overloading a space, which can in turn lead to health and safety risks. Getting an assessment from a professional storage company can mean that you don’t create unnecessary problems for staff. Working with companies that are accredited with the Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association represents one way to avoid these problems, and can lead to all storage solutions and processes being set up to keep items as securely kept and accessible as possible.

Temporary Solutions

You may sometimes only need to downsize on a temporary basis, as when you are moving out of a larger space for a short period of time, and need to keep a select amount of items to hand. In this context, it’s useful to have options for renting storage containers for this duration, rather than investing in storage that won’t be practical in the future. Many storage companies offer equipment rental services, which can range from stillages to roll cages and shelving. Investing in these solutions can be a good short term solution that maintains a high quality level of storage.

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