Using The Rental Search Service Of

Using The Rental Search Service Of

If you are searching for a rental property online, then you would not have to go any further. is a real estate portal that allows end users to find the properties that they need as swiftly as they can. The portal is known for its verified property listings and its detail oriented approach towards resolution of consumer concerns.

The reliability and innovation is possible because of the proactive use of data analysis. comprises of the best individuals in the data analysis, mathematics and programming fields. These individuals have helped the portal become what it is. They also are responsible for assessing all end user requirements and then providing property search results which help these end users the maximum.

How to Use the Portal to Find the Right Rental Property?

Assume you are looking for a rental house in Ashok Nagar Chennai. You have to log into the portal and then select ‘Rent’ from the main page. In the search page, you will have to type the name of the locality (Ashok Nagar) in this case. As the name is being typed, the portal will prompt you of the name in a list. You select it and then choose the flat type.

The search result screen reveals the map of Ashok Nagar with its appropriately demarcated borders. All the properties for rental are listed within this map. If you have a sharp eye, you would notice that the number of markers in the map is lesser than the actual search results; which are listed on the top of the screen. There are two main reasons for this. The first one is this that all the results revealed together would make the search result screen messy. However a more important reason for this is the convenience of the end users. It has been ascertained using statistics that certain houses are more likely to be considered for rental purposes than the others. Therefore all houses for rent in Ashok Nagar are not likely to be occupied even if the end users were able to view them. Therefore the properties which are presented prominently are statistically more likely to be occupied first.

However that being said, all the other properties can be seen when the end user zooms into the map. At every zoom level, other properties are revealed which help end users zero in on the one that meets their expectations the best.

Examining a Rental House

The benefit of the map search result is that an end user can start at any point in the locality. He/she is not restricted to a list. However there is a list also available on the right hand side of the map which works like a conventional list. An end user can sort it according to area and prices. Then highlighting the property on the list shows it on the map. Clicking either bring up the specifications. All the flats for rent in Ashok Nagar Chennai comprise of a Lifestyle Index- a mathematically calculated score which highlights the goodness of a property.

There are verified photographs, details of amenities and a comprehensive review of distance of these amenities from the locality.

In Conclusion 

The whole process of housing search does not take more than 5 minutes of the end user is aware of what he/she seeks. The information on is sufficient for a decision.