Vanity Cabinets Are A Bathroom Necessity For Elegant Storage

Bathroom accessories add not only to your convenience but also to the overall look of your bathroom. With the amount of detail you find nowadays in the décor, even the colour of towels on your towel rack or the type of shower curtain hook, it’s obvious that how vanity products are stored also counts. Shelves aren’t always convenient as products are on a display and so is the clutter. It isn’t feasible to keep things spic and span always.

For the complete bathroom look

Go in for vanity cabinets that have drawer space so that you can store things in drawer specific order. For example, one of the drawers can be for items used on a daily basis whereas the other can be for more pampering products. Some vanity cabinets also come with a hanging wall shelf that matches the cabinet in look and can be mounted next to the basin mirror.

  • Vanity cabinets a basic accessory as merely shelves won’t do if you want to have a neat and tidy space for keeping all your vanity things.
  • Helps you keep things organised and thus, you won’t have to search for bathroom vanity products. Also helps curb the clutter as there is a place to keep all the necessary things.
  • A variety of types and finishes are offered that will help enhance the look of your bathroom. For example, walnut and wooden furnishings go well with the Victorian and rustic themes, while the contemporary look is bolder with more metallic finishes. This is even true for the modern look. The minimalist look has more of one toned colour while the country styled ones have a bit of wood or warm earth tones.
  • The new styled wall mounted cabinets add a modern edge to your bathroom as well as veer towards the sleek and neat look.
  • Vanity cabinets also can be used for extra counter space. For a spa feel, you’ll find bowl shaped counter top basins with spout chrome finished wall mounted taps placed on cabinets.
  • Helps on the privacy front too if you don’t want to display all you use or keep your medicines out of reach of children. Vanity cabinets provide enough storage room as well as look good at the same time.

When being Victorian

Dark wood shades and light walnut finishes for vanity cabinets are perfect for the Victorian look. If you have a plain white bath and want to play on shades of dark and white then keep the finishing in dark wood. Compliment it with a dark rimmed mirror or have your bath too sport the same finishing as your vanity cabinet.

Going contemporary

Metallic shades of hot pink, blues and greens are all in. Silver shades too look good though grey is more of an industrial touch.

His and her

If you have a larger bathroom or something more on the lines of a suite, then you can install two vanity cases, one for each partner along with a dressing table and separate mirror.

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