Various Adequate Type Of Storage Silos

Various Adequate Type Of Storage Silos

Storage or better called adequate storage is a necessity for any product. Whether a product is natural; synthetic or of any other type the basic requirement every product has is storage. For the same reason various storage silos for products are available in market. The most abundantly found product which require a good storage method. There are a number of Aluminium storage silos available in market.

Food is a product which gets wasted in large amount due to improper storage. Food is basic requirement for every being but its wasting is one of the major reason for its improper distribution or unequal distribution. According to studies 25-30 % of the total produced food is wasted due to improper storage mediums. There need to be some storage mediums which can provide good storage along with quality maintenance.

Types of Silos

There are various types of silos available to choose from. The silos are classified on basis of their structure and material used. Metal silos are strong and air proof in nature hence they prevent the grains from moisture, rain or any pest exposure whereas another most abundantly used type Solar dryers helps heat isolation of foods like fruits , vegetables etc. They help in locking moisture within the food and hence preventing them from rotting. Dryers reduce the need for any type of complex storage by making food last longer and the freshness of the fruits or any food is maintained for a longer period of time. So here in this article we will discuss these two silos in detail.

1. Metal Silos

  • Steel is used for creating chambers
  • Provides isolation from heavy outside moisture and pest
  • Air tight nature keeps inner environment fresh and preserved
  • Used for isolation from outer environment
  • Consumes less space
  • Expensive in nature 
  • Not suitable for small farmers or personals due to excessive cost of storage
  • Suitable for large storage only

2. Solar Dryers

  • Constructed of metallic walls with glass tops
  • Similar in nature of a solar cooker
  • Locks the heat of sun inside the chamber.
  • Creates a hygienic environment inside the chamber.
  • For days when sun is not out then a photo voltaic cell is used to power the chamber and provide heat inside the chamber.
  • Reduce the cost of space and labor
  • Takes less time for food preparation
These were the two basic types of silos or storage chambers used for storing and maintaining quality of food. These storage silos for food provides various benefits over standard storage and helps in maintaining high quality food and avoid wasting or degradation of food. There are various other types of Aluminium Silos manufacturer in India market including concrete silos, steel silos etc. which provides various qualities but the discussed above are amongst the best in practice. Some major companies deals only in manufacturing of such storage silos and try to make the food storage more quality proof and gives a rich exposure in terms of food storage and processing.