Various Modern Cooking Methods You Will Find In Modern Kitchen

In modern kitchens, you will see many differences as compared to the kitchen in the old times. The older kitchens did not have so many gadgets and equipment whereas the modern kitchens are fully equipped with modern gadgets and equipment. One of the major differences between the older and modern kitchens is the way of cooking. In the old time kitchen, the food was cooked on the wood and charcoal fire, but in modern times there are many different means of cooking your food. Some of the modern time cooking methods are discussed below.

Gas Stoves

Gas stoves have been used in kitchens from many years as they give you the best alternative to the wood and charcoal fire. They give you better control on your cooking as you have complete control over the intensity of flames, hence the heat supplied to the food you are cooking. Modern day gas stoves give you all the benefits of cooking on coal fire but do not come with the inconvenience they cause. You can choose a gas stove for your kitchen based on the number of burners available on the stove. If you have a bigger family, you can go for a four or five burner gas stove, but if you have a smaller family of three or four people, a three burner gas stove would be enough for your kitchen. There are also different designer models available in the market such as marble gas stove, Glass top gas stoves and many others.


When it comes to modern technology used in the kitchen, microwave is one of the finest technologies that have been used in kitchen from a while. A microwave uses radiations of very short wavelength that produce rapid heat for cooking. A microwave is used for many different tasks such as baking, heating, cooking, and roasting and many others. You can chose from the wide variety of microwaves available in the market in terms of capacity and size.

Induction Cook-tops

The latest introduction to the modern kitchen is the induction cook tops. The induction cook tops use the principle of electromagnetic induction for working. They do not actually produce heat but induce small currents in the cooking utensil so that it produces heat itself, which is further used for cooking. For this reason, you can only use cooking utensils that are made from ferrous materials and have a perfectly flat base. You cannot use you normal cookware for cooking on an induction cook top. The induction cook tops are very energy efficient as they supply energy in a very precise manner only to the base of the cooking pot leaving the rest of the area cool, which makes them safer to use too. They are also provided with a digital display with the help of which, you can easily set the temperature and timing of your cooking.

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