Vending Machines; Everyday Super Heroes

This blog post takes a fun look at the role that vending machines have played our lives over the past years.
We’ve all been there; you’re wandering around and start to feel a bit peckish or parched and you cannot spot an obvious outlet for food or drink within your immediate vicinity. Your hunger or thirst is at a level where you would consider doing just about anything to satisfy the cravings. You would even consider going all ‘Bear Grylls’ and taking to nature to hunt down some berries or the sap from a tree.

And then there it is; staring at you, like some sort of mirage. It’s at this point that you pray that you haven’t actually gone all ‘Bear Grylls’, in which case it might actually be a mirage, and the portal you are faced with contains whatever you need to satisfy your hunger and thirst cravings. The portal is, of course, a vending machine.
Vending machines are very often the saviours to any number of people every single day in all walks of life. They have saved anyone and everyone; from students to office workers, builders to average Joe Public wandering through the local shopping centre; vending machines have been there for people who need a quick food or drink fix right away.
Vending machines can stock almost anything. Most will stock the standard chocolate bars and packets of crisps combinations; some are stocked purely with drinks ranging from bottles of fizz to water.
Other vending machines seek to offer punters a wider range of products. Some stock products such as sandwiches, yoghurts or anything else that would go towards constituting a nutritional snack. Other vending machines are specially designed to stock items such as hot food, expanding the product range to include anything from sausage rolls to pasties. Some vending machines are now even being stocked with products such as cereal!
A big advantage that a vending machine has is its size. Whilst they are not the smallest of things, for what they do they are actually a bit of a space saver. Think about how much space would normally be needed to have a fully kitted out canteen (complete with staff) and a vending machine is a viable solution for those where space is an issue.
Vending machines have been a life saver for most people at least once in their lives. These everyday superheroes have been there for people when they need them most and will continue to be the point of call for emergency food and drink-related first aid for years to come.
This blog post is written by Jake Porter, a supplier and contact point for establishments who utilise vending machines on their premises.