Vietnam Sapa Tours Trekking Tips

One of the best destinations when visiting Vietnam is the Sapa Valley. It is a town hill located in the northwest Vietnam. The place is famous among travelers for having stunning scenery and also rich in culture. Sapa is one of the best trekking destinations in the country which rich of hill tribal country and signature French architecture design. The hill is home to breathtaking mountain landscape, rice terrace, and unique peak village. Trekking to Sapa can be a very relaxing as well as exciting outdoor activity. If you are visiting northern Vietnam, make sure to include trekking to Sapa on your holiday list.

Before starting your Sapa tours; it is important that you prepare everything because the trekking route can be a little hard. Here are some guides that you can use for Sapa tours.

Buy Travel Package

The best way to fully enjoy the trekking tour is buying travel package. This will help you enjoy the holiday without the need to worry about itinerary and accommodation. The travel agent has it cover for you. In addition, you do not need to hire a guide because the travel agent usually has included a guide for you. Having a tour guide when trekking in Sapa is important because you may experience language barrier bother your holiday. One of the best tour agents which can provide you with ultimate Sapa trekking is the Viet Bamboo Travel. There are numerous trekking options from Vietnam Travel Company that you can choose starting from full day to even half day trekking tour.

Pack Light

Since you are going to trekking in the mountain; packing light is important. You certainly do not want to bring anything that does not actually give you benefit on the journey. You also need to keep in mind that the guide will not go to carry your belongings; therefore, do not bother yourself by bringing stuff that you do not actually need. You bag may not feel heavy when you try it on your room but it will get heavier as soon as you start to hike.

Sturdy Shoes

Since this is a trekking tour, you will also experience walking through off beaten track. Therefore, you need to make sure that you wear sturdy shoes. Hiking boots may be a good choice if you consider going for longer than 2 days trekking, but good running shoes can accompany you. Just as additional information, there are numerous shops which sell or rent trekking gear for those who do not want to carry hiking boots around. You can also bring a pair of flip flop just in case your feet are tired of wearing the hiking boots. But make sure not to go the entire hiking journey using flip-flop or you will end up with sprained ankle.

Bring Snacks

Hiking will make you get hungry and thirsty quicker. Even if there are lots of shops around the location, sometimes you just do not want to stop quite often because you will arrive longer also. Therefore, packed snacks and water can save your trekking trip.