Virginians now to Take Advantage of Home Repair Services

For quite a long time, the Virginians had no opportunity to protect their houses of any emergency fixes that it might need due to financial constraints and limited availability of resources. This is now gradually changing due to the initiative taken by the Home Emergency Insurance Solutions which offers a whole package of services that might be needed under emergency circumstances such as fixing of water pipe lines, paints, security systems and any other fixes. The USA Home Service currently works in 41 different states and Virginia shall be the 42nd where it operates under the name of Home Emergency Insurance Solutions.

The CEO of Home Repair Services, USA stated, “All homeowners deserve the opportunity to protect themselves from expensive water line repair costs, especially in these difficult economic times. This kind of coverage can provide a finance-saving alternative to credit card debt or borrowing from friends and family.” It was found that many of the home residents simply do not realize when their house might need the repairs. In case of a breakage that occurs in the main water pipeline, they often realize it late that the fresh water supply is being mixed with the street water due to the normal everyday wear and tear that might occur.

Due to this lack of knowledge and ignorance, the expenses usually increase by the time they realize what has happened. It is also common to see that people do not account for these home expenses in their budgets and expenditures and this seems like a new and increased pressure for them. The residents do not have any method of saving up little by little so that when some kind of damage like this arises, they can at least fix it. And, when these breakages strike, they usually cost somewhere between $1500 to $3000, which the house owners simply cannot afford.

According to estimates of Home Emergency Repair, approximately one million water lines of houses are expected to break over the span of a year, much of which has not been accounted for in the household budgets. Rusin suggested, “One of the challenges of home ownership is that the potential for expensive repairs is always out there. The fact that homeowners don’t know about their responsibilities in these situations serves to make unexpected and expensive repairs harder to handle. Emergencies do happen and unfortunately, there’s very little someone can do to prevent them. Now, homeowners across Virginia will have an easy, affordable solution to ensure that they’re prepared with a plan to cover the cost of expensive repairs.”

Assessing from these figures and trends, the Home Services in USA have made contracts with the utility companies of the nation and have devised insurance plans that would cover all sorts of household damage expenditures if they occur. They have also extended reasonable water services to the owners which they find highly affordable and convenient. The start of this year marked the successful one million customers of the company and built quite a strong base for people who were using the services and taking advantage of carefully laid out budgets that would account for the house repairs anytime they are needed.