Visiting Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a popular city in Far East and known for its vibrant energy. It is a combination between cosmopolitan lifestyle and exotic traditional values. Being a former colony of the Great Britain, we should be able to find many English signs, despite the fact that it is now a special territory of People’s Republic of China. Many people are able to speak English fluently, making Hong Kong a friendly place for foreigners. The communist government of China understands the importance of the region and it has been given some amount of autonomy to govern itself.

Hong Kong is a huge contrast between the old and new. Old monasteries and temples are scattered throughout the region. But, it is easy to see the skyline with huge skyscrapers that make many cities in North America appear small. Hong Kong has some of the most interesting modern achievements, such as the longest outdoor escalator in the world. Travellers could use special tram, car or bus to reach the Victoria Peak to have an excellent view of the entire area. Visitors could also follow tours to a boat village and experience local lifestyle. Some local parks are popular for early morning exercises and like many Chinese cities, we could see seniors gather in the park doing tai chi.

Hong Kong is known for its exciting culinary experience with nearly 10,000 restaurants, big and small. International cuisine can be found easily, but any traveller should try local delicacies. From street stalls to busy dim sum houses to elegant dining restaurants, there are many opportunities for us to try different Chinese food. We could also go to big floating restaurants that serve very fresh seafood catches. Some of the meals can be affordable, while some others can be incredibly expensive.

Obviously, Hong Kong is also known for its rich shopping experience and there are many bargains especially for electronics and textiles. For some reasons, especially because many electronic products are manufactured in China, including the Apple iPhone; Hong Kong often gets the latest electronics models even before Western countries. However, we should be aware that bargaining is a common thing and it is important to get latest and reasonable prices, before we buy something from local stores. Kowloon is a good place to visit if we want to go to the flower market, bird market and jade market. However, we should be aware that jade souvenirs with extra cheap prices may be fake. Kowloon also has a great night market that sell all sorts of items for foreigners, including gadgets and toys.

The nearby Lantau island is popular for the Po Lin monastery with its large Buddha statue. Travellers can climb the steps to reach the statue and get some wonderful views on the region. There’s a ferry service that take people to the Lantau island. The nearby Macau can be reached with hydrofoil crafts and it is a popular place for casino enthusiasts.