Visual Learners And Busybodies… The Different Types Of Time Managers

Time management seems like a wild dream for many but it really comes down to just a few things: careful planning and some good old fashion focus. Unfortunately, there’s not really a simple recipe (or a complicated one, for that matter!) to help you manage your time. Effective time managers are always different in their approach but will always tell you it’s about what works best for you. Some people just need to make a To Do list and that’s all they need. Other people need something more aggressive and enlist the help of their smartphones to remind them of their daily tasks. But regardless of the medium, every person in need of a little schedule organization must first figure out the type of time manager they are. Here are some ideas for the various masses:

Visual: People that are visual learners are often visual time managers. For them, seeing something is far more prominent than just hearing about. These people often learn just from watching somebody else perform the task. It would probably be torture for a visual learner to just hear about how a card game is played. But seeing it in action, they can catch on in no time. Therefore, if you see yourself as a visual learner, why try to deny that fact by just jotting down a few bullet points on a napkin? Nothing is going to keep drawing you back to that napkin! Instead, try finding some more artistic ways to keep you motivated. Sticky notes are bright and colorful and come in all different shapes and sizes. Creating a binder full of electric blue, fire engine red, and sour apple green sticky notes, each with a different task on them, is not only fun to look at, but will keep your mind stimulated. You’ll find yourself wanting to open up your binder while sipping on your favorite iced coffee beverage, trying to figure out what’s next on your agenda. And the best part, you will feel the satisfaction of throwing each sticky note away as you accomplish that task.
Type “A” Busybodies: Constantly on the go? No time for fusses or mistakes? Perpetually asking yourself why there aren’t enough hours in the day? Well, that hardly seems like a valid use of your time! Stop worrying and start planning! Those of us who are Type “A”…personally, I prefer the term “busybody”…can’t stress enough over how important our time is. And we always seem to be running late to this or behind on that. In this case, carrying around a binder of colorful sticky notes might sound fun but we can’t be bothered to remember to bring it with us everywhere we go or let alone, remember to buy those sticky notes! Luckily, technology has finally caught up with us and we already carry around a fantastic device to help us remember what to do and when to do it: our smartphones! Yes, there is more to your smartphone than Angry Birds or Words With Friends. Next time you find yourself in your app store of choice, take a look at the “productivity” category and you will be amazed at how many apps are ready to help you plan your day. You can stick with a simple “Hey you! This is a reminder to pay your bills!” kind of app or, if motivation is more your thing, there are even apps out there that mimic classic roleplaying games and allow you to “level up” whenever you’ve accomplished your set tasks for the day. Regardless of what kind of productivity app tickles your fancy, these tools can be a great help to managing your time since it’s already with you all day, every day. Time to defeat those unscrupulous green pigs and start working towards your goals!
So now that you are little more on your way to discovering what kind of time managing tools are right for you, the only thing left to do is to stop reading this article and start doing! Good luck, time manager extraordinaire!
Gina Vinnitsky is an SEO Copywriter working with Action Agendas, creators of custom student planners. If you’re interested in purchasing student agendas for you or your family, contact Action Agendas for a quote.