Vital Details You Must Include On Your Business Website

Vital Details You Must Include On Your Business Website

All modern company owners must understand that trading online is an essential part of realising your goals. Cutting the internet out of your business model is a recipe for disaster. There are many reasons for that, but the most important one related to the fact that over 50% of consumers now do the bulk of their shopping online. So, you will alienate a significant percentage of your market if you fail to offer your products and services on that platform. Today, we’re going to give you some advice about what information you should publish on your site. Some of it is required by law, but the rest just makes good business sense. We’ll keep things simple in order to ensure this post has the widest appeal possible.

Contact Details

The law states that all business websites must include full contact details for the company concerned. That means you need to publish your address at the very least. However, those of you who want to achieve the highest level of sales possible should also list email addresses and phone numbers. Get an 0333 number for your business if you want to encourage people to get in touch. Even international callers can experience low rates if you get one of those.

Delivery Times

There is nothing worse than buying from a website without knowing information about delivery times in advance. Indeed, many people who need their products quickly will look elsewhere if you don’t publish information that tells them when the items will arrive. Sending out an email with the estimated date after a purchase is no good to people in that situation. You don’t need to write a lot. You should just inform them of which courier services are used, and how many days items take to arrive on average.

Information About Your Company

Lots of consumers claim they are more likely to make a purchase if they know something about the company concerned. So, you should spend a long time designing the text for your “about us” page. Personalising your business by giving information about how you started and what you hope to achieve will ensure customers feel more comfortable.

Complaints Procedure

No company worth its salt would expect people to spend cash without highlighting their commitment to dealing with complaints. It is essential that information relating to what customers should do if they have a problem is readily available on your site. You should let them know which numbers they need to call and which email addresses they should use. Just don’t forget to tell them whether or not you operate a live chat feature. Some people are much happier to communicate with you in real time online.

If you manage to include all those details on your business website, you are onto a winner. Failing to publish that information could make your company seem amateurish, and nobody wants that. You must present a professional and confident image if you want to succeed. The website you run is like a storefront, and so it should contain everything your customers could ever want to know.