VoIP – A Cost Effective Communications Solution For Modern Business

VoIP – A Cost Effective Communications Solution For Modern Business

All businesses rely heavily on communication, and without it, things can go terribly wrong, which is why many companies are opting for VoIP communication in their offices. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has been around for a while, and modern solutions allow a business to have affordable communication, with a system that is tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Cloud Based VoIP

Having a PBX allows any authorised user to login and access the system and have an overview of the entire communication system. The browser based portal can be accessed using any web browser, and the client would be issued with user names and passwords for all the staff. From here, it is possible to view all message boxes, monitor all calls, and change any settings, along with the ability to record calls. One can easily monitor incoming and outgoing calls for duration, which helps a manager to analyse efficiency.

Additional Services

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) allows a caller to select the extension they require, and all the options can be tailored or amended at any time by accessing the user interface. There is a call hold option with customised music or messages, and this adds a touch of professionalism to any business. Caller ID means that you know who is calling before you answer, and your customers will be suitably impressed when you greet them by name on receiving the call. It also gives you a screening option by allowing you to decide whether or not to answer the call.

Monitor Effectively

Cloud PBX allows the manager to monitor all calls, so you will know who is calling who, and how long the call lasts, which keeps you in touch with the daily activities within the office. If you need a breakdown of costs at any time, you can access this information from your interface.

Time Based System

It is easy to set up the system to operate differently outside office hours, with customised messages, and if you had to leave the office for a few hours, you can either have a message created or have the call transferred to your mobile, whichever you prefer.

Simple Yet Effective

VoIP systems offer the business owner many benefits, and you do not need to be a techie to fully utilise the system, as there are online suppliers of cloud based systems that configure everything on your behalf, giving you affordable and effective communication. The system can be set up to suit any business environment and with complete control and the ability to monitor, it’s easy to see why it makes sense to make the change.

There are online companies who specialise in setting up cloud based VoIP systems that enable a business to operate more efficiently and save money at the same time. Whatever your communication needs, the system can be configured to keep you fully informed at all times, and with the ability to make instant changes, your business communication will always be smooth and productive.