Want to choose a Shared Seedbox? Here are 3 Guidelines to Follow!


Are you looking for a torrenting partner? We repeat – Are you intensely looking for a torrenting partner?

Luckily, there are several ways to have happy torrenting. But we want you to stick to your decision of purchasing shared seedbox for your task.

It seems easy to explore and buy the remote server but the reality is beyond your expectation. No, we are not frightening you! We just want you to pick up the right server integrated with features that you need. A single mistake can depress your mood while torrenting.

It is important to check out whether the shared server is indeed a shared one or not. The server comes in three different categories. The dedicated one, the VPS, and the shared server.

A dedicated server allows a single user to use the entire network, restricting others to share.
A VPS remote server splits down the entire network. It divides the resource equally among the users so that every user can share the network.
The shared server allows plenty of users to use the entire resource.

Hence it is essential to learn whether the network provider provides the shared network or it is actually dividing the network among the users. In the second case, the speed will eventually go down, creating issues in uploading and downloading.

Likewise, there are several things to consider before heading for the purchase. Let’s have a look.

3 Key points to remember before choosing a Shared Seedbox

  1. Decide the speed: Have you decided which speed will you be favorable to work with? If not yet, decide now, before you end up taking a bandwidth that is of no use.

    Seedbox comes with speed 100Mbps, 1Gbps, and 10Gbps. The more the speed the more will be the efficiency of uploading and downloading files. Are you an active torrent user? Then you can go for 10Gbps. But if not, then purchasing a server with such a high speed is worthless.

  2. Look over your Budget: “Let my budget decide what speed should I take.” Are you thinking anything like this? Well, deciding a budget is definitely necessary. But strictly depending on it for your purchasing a server is wrong.

    You may require a server with 1Gbps speed but you end up buying 100Mbps server. This will actually hamper your work. Likewise, server with 1Gbps might be sufficient for you. But you purchase a server with 10Gbps speed. Such a loss!

    So as you see, it is good to explore your budget but it is also necessary to remain flexible.

Find the HDD space you would be provided: Another thing that you must not forget while purchasing your shared server is the HDD space. Apart from speed, HDD space is a significant factor of this kind of server. Don’t you like to know how much storage space you are given by the server? Yes, it is mandatory.

Since plenty of users are using the same network, it is important to find out the storage space you are allotted. If you are satisfied with space, you can certainly go for it.

Now since you are well aware of how to choose your shared seedbox, it’s time to buy one and start torrenting. The moment you start experiencing the benefits of the server you won’t like to switch over to any other network. It’s that magical.

At the end of the day, if you compare your investment with the advantages you are blessed with, you will find it worths every penny.

Stop thinking, start torrenting!