War Between Democrats And Republicans, Fuelled By Super Power Organizations

Mitch McConnell is being accused of helping the opposite party leader and the current president of the United States, Barak Obama in Kentucky elections and the irony is that the accusations are coming not from the challenger of him in the race to contest for the president elections, but from some individual groups, who are trying to get benefitted if he leaves his place in the republican party.

How it turned out to be against them:

This disturbance in the reputation of McConnell was supported by the conservatives at a point of time and described the incident as a triumph of first amendment , however  this same thing got matured into an  annoyance to the reputation the party since it gave a chance to the opponents to contribute more financial power to encourage the challenges faced by the republican party contestants and this lead to decrease in the financial power , with which the republican contestants have to go to face the 2016 election campaign.

Financial expectations:

Anyhow, the financial expenditure of the republican s have always faced the critics’ opposition by spending a huge $36 million when compared to the small figure of $10 million , which is likely to be spent by the democrats in 2012 election campaign.

In 2012, as every follower of the US politics witnessed, the republican contenders were slaughtered financially by the opponent contenders, who were backed up incredibly, by some major industrial tycoons. In 2016 elections, the two parties have gained some serious help form the financial sources, which is like an indication for a serious financial bloodshed to take place. But right now the concentration of the republican contenders is among them and is leaving the democrats to their own will.

Powerful organizations  ,which gave birth to a program called, “primary my congress man” in 2013 is piling its arms against eight term representatives like Mike Simpson of Idaho , senator Thad Cochran of Mississippi and  planning to grab much grip on other areas.

Organizations in support:

An organization called, The Senate Conservatives Fund, started by senator Jim DeMint, which is said to be behind the propaganda about the McConnell controversy, is rumored to be already set in about $1 million to support Matt Bevin, the opponent of McConnell and a major share of it has gone to advertising in televisions and websites about the theory of McConnell supporting Obamacare in fund raising.  This group, along with another one named, Freedom Works, has given a large pile of its financial sources to Bevin’s support group.

Matt Hoskins, the executive director of the organization said that the voters have their right to choose the right candidate and that their group would support Matt Bevin in every aspect. Under these circumstances, it is common that every contestant feels that it is not elections, he/she is going to but to participate is a war.

Hoskins of senate conservative fund said that it is not the PACS money that makes a contender win, but the faith of the citizens of the state.