Warning! Do You Often Forget These 5 Household Jobs?

We all have very busy lives and naturally there are things that we forget on a daily basis. Such things as returning an important phone call or wishing someone a happy birthday are everyday occurrences that are an inevitable outcome of the pace at which we live our lives. Although these examples may be frustrating when you realise you’ve forgotten them, they are likely to not have consequences that are too serious but some things that we neglect could. It’s often the little things that can make the most difference and luckily it is the little things that we have the most control over. Here are a few things we regularly pay little attention to but could really make a difference.

  1. Check the batteries in your smoke detector – This is something that we are all constantly reminded of but still many of us don’t take heed.  It is advised that you do this once a month or if you’re like me you can test it on a daily basis when you cook breakfast.
  2. Flip your mattress over – It can be easy to get used to one side of your mattress. The result is that your body ends up becoming familiar with something that might not actually be that comfortable but feels like it is. It is said that you should flip your mattress from one side to the other twice a year and do the same with flipping it end to end.
  3. Defrost your freezer – This may be something that you keep meaning to do but never get round to. It’s one of those things that you are only reminded of when you are in a certain situation. You go to the freezer and it’s a bit frosty so you think ‘I’ll defrost that later’ then ten minutes later you’ve forgotten. It is important to do this quite regularly as a build-up of ice will mean it won’t be working to its full potential. Also, if you have a small freezer you will be surprised at how much extra room you have when it’s ice free.
  4. Clear out the loft – It’s only human nature for us to keep things that we no longer use in the vein hope that we may have a need for them someday. Most of this stuff seems to get stuffed into the loft or attic and forgotten about but its time you de-cluttered it for your own good. It can be increasingly more dangerous to venture up into the loft as it gets more and more full and there’s always the danger that something could fall over and come through the ceiling. Who knows, you might even find something worth a bit of money up there.
  5. Bleed your radiators – This is something that you may not even realise you need to do but it could save you lots on heating bills. If your radiator feels cold at the top but warm at the bottom then chances are that it needs bleeding. Air can get trapped inside the radiator and cause it to not distribute the heat properly, no matter how much you turn up that dial. Bleeding it will alleviate the problem.

This article is written by Chris Mayhew on behalf of West Radiators. They supply various radiator valves and accessories such as thermostatic radiator valves.