Water’s Structure & Energy Flow

To the best our knowledge, no life has ever existed without water. The fact that you are alive implies that you originated water. Therefore, your current state of health is a precise reflection of the water your body is using.

It is easy to jump on-board when people are exposed to so much hype on beauty and wellness associated products, which promises everything from a cure for cancer to losing 20 kilograms.

All of us know folks who spend lots of money on supplements, organic foods and other and wellness products. Anti-oxidants are one of the foremost hype-words currently. The acclaim of these products is the fact that they are anti-aging, free radical counteracting combatants – which counteracts cancers and other chronic, degenerative diseases.

The Earth is covered by over 75% water – As you sit there reading this article, you also consist of over 75% water. Every single movement you make, every organ activity and every single heartbeat is performed and driven by water. Have you ever thought how the quality of your body’s water may be more important than the inorganic and occasionally toxic supplements we buy?

If you have never heard of Hexagonal Micro Clustered Alkaline water – this is your initiation to the missing link in the health industry.

What is the difference between bottled/tap water and Micro Clustered water? The simplest way to distinguish the difference is to imagine you’re pitching tennis balls at a fence. You know the fence stops the ball from moving through, but you need to get the balls to the other side. Now imagine yourself hurling a handful of peas at the fence – Obviously the peas are going to pass through without much effort, compared to the tennis balls.

Now – in this analogy, the tennis balls are the molecular cluster of bottled/tap water, whilst the peas are the molecule clusters of ionized alkaline water. The fence represents your cell walls and membrane.

This is the difference between hydration and the absorption of water in the body. Bottled and tap water fail to hydrate, even when enhanced with additives found in the latest bottled waters. Hexagonal water is the only water which efficiently and effectively absorbs into the cells, allowing the acidic waste to rinse from the body. In addition to the aforementioned, alkaline water is negatively charged – which makes this water the most potent Anti-Oxidant known to man.

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