A gym may not be possible for everyone to take out time from their busy routine activities and have the workouts. Every man’s dream of perfect body muscles, as they are the most appealing, making them look hot and handsome. So, for such concerns in this article, the ways so as to gain mass but no weight is discussed.

Bulking up without adding pounds to the body has one clear answer- to have right and appropriate food timings. These factors control the others beneficial in building muscles like-

  • Smart growth- The process of building muscles begins to increase in the calories amount in daily routine and burning fewer calories. Avoiding fat storing process by not getting involved in over eating, makes the muscles gaining process a success. This must also include controlling the size of meals and using high calorie rich diet so as to quench the hunger for longer hours.

  • Timing being the perfect key Staying lean while bulking up requires proper meal timings. For those trying to gain quality mass must have proper increased size of healthy breakfast meal after the workout sessions. The optimum growth process of the body functions well after the work and even at the breakfast time as the nutrition depletes after the night’s sleep. Taking a good meal in the morning is good for smart body growth.

  • Eating quality- The lean mass meal plan gets completed with the type of food and the quality of its intake. On working days getting more exerted out with workouts the body needs more of carbohydrates than on no workout days. Thus, one should plan the meals accordingly depending upon the intake of proteins. Eating healthy food with fruits, vegetables, and protein rich diet helps to maintain a body mass without gaining pounds.

  • Building supplements- In order to gain the process of the muscles, there is no harm in taking supplements along with a healthy diet and regular workouts. These supplements have unique anabolic properties benefiting the body in very less time. They are very easily available as per the recommendation of nutritionists and dieticians.

  • Train for at least an hour- Another way of improving over the muscle mass is to work out regularly for at least an hour focusing on keeping the intensity high rather working for longer hours.

  • Take it easy policy- The skinny guys looking for putting on muscles must concentrate on workouts and relax after those hours and save energy. Relaxing also builds up hormones that accept the fat frequently. Exerting the body unnecessarily will spoil the workout sessions with no power left for the exercises.

  • Focus on progression and continue- Once the routine builds up, monitoring for effective changes will be a motivational aspect. So, focusing on regular plans in all the activities, raising it towards healthy muscles must be the main goal.

In this article, the combination of all meal plans, supplement and workouts are discussed making it complimentary to each other to gain muscles without fat deposits and loading pounds.