Ways To Reduce Your Dog’s Eco Footprint

If we want our future generations to have years of enjoyment on our beautiful planet, we all need to do our part by reducing our eco footprint on the world. As we become more developed as a society, we are creating more waste and pollution that affect how the children and animals of tomorrow will live. Rather than living off the land and following the circle of life, we as humans are introducing new matter to our Mother Earth that does not flow well in the evolving circle initially planned. It is a fact, today’s technology and convenience factors are unfortunately leaving a negative lasting impression on our environment.

We all know steps we can make to help reduce the amount of waste we create and some people are becoming stronger advocates in promoting these good-for-the-earth steps. Using canvas, reusable shopping bags for groceries is a simple step that can make a huge impact on reducing the amount of wasteful plastic in our world. Even some major supermarkets are encouraging this step by offering discounts for customers who bring in their own bags or some others who do not offer bags without an extra charge to help deter their consumers from using plastic bags. These reusable bags can be used for groceries and even clothing shopping trips. Other tips we as humans can do are to stay away from plastic product and be conscious about purchasing natural, environmentally friendly cleaning and personal-care products. These are all great steps to take in helping make our world a better place for the future, but did you know that you can also help our planet by reducing your dog’s eco paw print? It’s easier than you might think!
1. Dirty Business
Who would have thought that how you dispose of your dog’s daily fecal droppings can play a major role in helping our planet or destroying it? Well it does! If you are picking up your pup’s fecal matter and placing it inside of a plastic bag you are not allowing it to decompose naturally – in fact you are expanding its staying power by keeping it in a plastic bag! While this may not seem like a big deal, just think of the hundreds of thousands of pounds of fecal matter made by dogs around the world! If everyone did just a little that adds up to be a whole lot! Eco friendly ways to remove of your dog’s waste is to use a biodegradable bag or you could look into composting your animals waste product naturally or even scooping it up and simply flushing it down your toilet to have it treated and removed by your city’s waste management system.
2. Natural Play
Another way to help reduce your dog’s eco paw print is to purchase dog toys made out of natural materials. Look for simple hemp and eco-friendly toys that can be just as fun if not more fun for your pup to play with! Often time’s chemicals are used with many of the plastic toys which could have negative effects on you and your pup by introducing them into the household, plus the fact that these toys will only add to our massive landfills for years on end once your pup is done playing with it! Natural is the way to go!
3. Simple Diet
Remove the need for pollution causing manufacturers by creating your own natural dog food for your pup. Not only will you be making a statement to the big pollution-causing corporations, you will be able to choose fresh nutrient-packed food for your beloved furry companion. You can talk with your veterinarian to ensure you pick the very best ingredients and vitamins for your dog to achieve optimum health.
Veterinarian and dog training collar expert, Susan Wright DMV has provided this article in an ongoing effort to educate and inform people on the proper care and training habits of their dog.