Ways To Reuse Corrugated Boards And Packing Plastic

If more people would stop to consider what they can recycle and use within their home environment, without becoming a hoarder, it would be wonderful. What the individual cannot use and does not want to keep for a rainy day, can be professionally recycled at drop-off recycling bins.

Cardboard is one item that is used daily in millions of ways that one could not begin to imagine. Below he or she will find at least 10 ways in which to recycle cardboard within the home setting. This will save a ton of money.

  • Many parents and pet owners have wondered why they spent so much money on the newest and most popular toys when something such as a cardboard box can bring so much fun and pleasure to children and pets alike. Boxes offer hours of fun and enjoyment and imagines fly, when boxes are made into play houses. Pet love to bed down in a box and play.
  • Cardboard boxes make wonderful storage containers for papers, bills, receipts, holiday decorations, seasonal clothing and much more. The list is endless.
  • Empty paper towel rolls make great megaphones for the kids.
  • Tear open a cardboard box and use this as a kneeling landing for all that gardening work, to keep clothing and knees clean and it helps to pad the knees.
  • Tear up a cardboard box to use for sheet mulching. The box will dissolve into the earth and helps insulate plant roots, be sure to lay mulch on top of the cardboard. When cardboard is cut and laid on top of weeds it offers a natural way to kill the weeds. Be surprised the next summer how much more beautiful your garden has become. These boxes help to keep friendly garden bugs warm during the cold months.
  • Empty toilet paper rolls are great to test for toys that may cause a choking hazard for children. If the toy is small enough to drop through this holder it is small enough to drop through a child’s throat, and choke them.
  • As mentioned earlier, children not only like to play in a corrugated box, they like to use boxes to sled down snowy hills. A corrugated plastic box would be ideal and not cost a cent that will offer hours of sleding fun. Let them decorate their ‘no cost’ sled and then head for the hills.
  • Cardboard will help to repair some roof damage on a temporary basis of course, until the roof can be repaired by a professional roofer. This cardboard will not hold out for a long period, but it does the job in a pinch.
  • Home repairs and home improvements such as painting a room can get sloppy. Lay some cut up corrugated board on the painting area to protect the floors from drips and spills.
  • Empty cardboard rolls give pets hours of enjoyment. Attach some bells and strings to the ends after filling the inside with catnip after gluing cloth over the ends of the rolls.

A corrugated box manufracturer can recycle what corrugated cardboard and corrugated plastic is left over. If one is in need of these items he or she can get these from a corrugated box manufacturer.

Matthew Chew writes on recycling and health safety in our homes, including how to reuse a corrugated board and other ways to utilize plastic containers from corrugated box manufacturers.