Ways To Use A Countdown Timer

Although it’s only October, many people are already counting down the days and hours until Christmas. A countdown timer is a great tool when you’re looking forward to something in the near future. You can use it to count down to family vacations, the presidential election, your wedding date and more. You can set up goals to have accomplished when the timer reaches a certain number to help keep you motivated and on track to meet your goals.

Set Goals for the Holidays
Do you know how many hours are between now and Christmas? You can use the countdown timer to set goals for yourself, such as having all your shopping done before the timer is down to 20 days or completing all of your gift wrapping before the timer is down to ten days. The timer can be used to build anticipation before other holidays, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and New Year’s Day. Make sure that you write down your goals so that you don’t forget when things are supposed to be accomplished and end up missing your deadlines.

Countdown to Your Vacations
Are you planning a family vacation? A countdown timer is a fun tool for the whole family to watch when anticipating a fun vacation. Every time your kids ask how long it will be before you leave, you can invite them to look at the timer and see for themselves how the days, hours and minutes are counting down. You may make them a list of items to pack and have them pack certain items into their suitcase when the timer hits a specific number.

You can also use the timer to track your vacation savings goals. Make it your goal to add a certain amount of money to your vacation fund every time the timer has counted down five days. Setting regular goals will help you stay on track so that you can enjoy your vacation knowing that you have saved enough money to comfortably afford the trip.

Journal Your Pregnancy
You may not know exactly when your baby will be born, but you can set a countdown timer to track your pregnancy from when you first discovered you were expecting until your due date. It’s fun to write down milestones along the way such as the exact hour you first started to feel the baby kicking. Keep track of your thoughts in a journal along with the time on the countdown timer when each entry was written. You can attach ultrasound pictures and other mementos so that all of your pregnancy keepsakes are kept in one place. Save the journal so that the baby will be able to read about everything you experienced in the hours leading up to their birth.

Countdown to the Election
People from countries all around the world are watching the presidential election in the United States very closely. The countdown timer will help you keep track of the hours until election day. Make sure you have voted before the timer runs out. You can even set timers to count down the time until the debates and other events leading up to the election. If you are having a viewing party on election night, invite your friends to count down the days, hours and minutes with you. This will build anticipation for your party as well as the coming election.

Countdown to Your Wedding
You may have been planning your wedding since you were a child, but it’s easy to forget details if you are not on a good time schedule. A countdown timer can help you set goals for your wedding, such as ordering the cake, confirming the catering, renting the tuxedo and confirming your order with the florist. It’s a good idea to write down everything you have to do and check off things as they are accomplished so that nothing is forgotten.

A countdown timer is also helpful for journaling. Spend a few minutes each week writing down your thoughts about your upcoming wedding, your future spouse and the world around you. Watch the countdown timer when you are finished writing so that you can record exactly how long before the wedding your journal entry was written. You can also add pictures, invitations and other mementos to your journal. It will be fun to go back in a few years and read how your thoughts progressed as the wedding approached. It’s even more fun if both the bride and groom record their thoughts so that they can be compared later.

Countdown To Your Favorite Sport
Most people have a favorite sport that they can’t wait to watch each year. It may seem like the time between football or basketball seasons drags on and on, but you can set a countdown timer to let you know how long it will be until you can watch your favorite team play again. If you have friends that you love to watch the games with, invite them to use the countdown timer too. You can send periodic texts or social media messages to each other letting everyone know how many days, hours and minutes are left before the first game. You can also use a countdown timer during your favorite team’s season to help you keep track of the time between games. Check the timer several times each day to remind yourself that it’s only a few more hours until you’ll be able to relax and watch the game with your friends.

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