Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve, Or Better Yet, Your Lapel

Election season is upon us and that means our lives are being bombarded in every direction by politics. There is really no escaping the commercials, rallies, constant news coverage, and political rants on social networking sites from your friends. Until November this is just another part of life. Some people choose not to be so vocal about their political stances, but there are ways to subtly get your message across and to show your support without having to get into full-blown debates with everyone, such as wearing simple lapel pins or making a donation to your favorite candidate. Being active politically does not mean you have to be confrontational about it.

Whisper Your Thoughts At The Top Of Your Lungs

Maybe being outspoken with regards to your political affiliations is not your style, but you still want to feel like you are part of the conversation during this election season. There are many ways that you can be supportive and involved without having to shout it from the rooftops. For example, you can tell your story and why you support a given candidate without having to inform all of your closest friends and family members—if you don’t want. Instead of sharing it on a social media site, why not write a letter to your candidate of choice explaining why you are choosing them or tell them your story. There is always the chance that they will not get to read it, but you shared your story nonetheless.

Show Me, Don’t Tell Me

There are other ways that you can subtly show support this election season. For one, you can get supportive lapel pins for your favorite party, candidate, or platform and wear it proudly. No one says you will have to explain anything just because you are showing support. Similarly you can always go the bumper sticker or car magnet approach. Most candidates will provide these free of charge—check their campaign websites, you may even be able to get one specified to a platform you really support. Finally there is always the silent gift of support—the donation. In a country where most elections come down to who was able to spend more money, every dollar counts. Do not worry about how much you actually give, donate what you can—this is one of the best ways to have some impact with your support of a candidate. Remember this election that your voice matters, your opinion is your own, and no one can take that away from you.

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