Web News – Microsoft’s New Surface Tablet – Feedback After Its Launch

On June 18th, 2012, Microsoft held an event, in which it was believed that Microsoft will launch its ‘super-special’ product. The ideas and perspectives were right, when a new and innovative tablet, known as ‘surface’ was launched. Surface is believed to be a series of Microsoft tablets.

In the event, there were two different types of Surface tablets that were launched:

•    Surface RT
•    Surface 8 Pro

Though, Microsoft did not specify many specifications about their newly launched products. However, it was come to know that the Surface RT is going to be the lower-end model than the Surface 8 Pro. Later, when more information and specifications leaked out, we came to know about the various in-depth features of both these different tablets. Let us take a brief look at some of the distinguishable features between these two Surface tablets, before we move on to their reviews and feedbacks.

Surface RT:

As the Surface RT is going to be the lower-end version of the Surface Pro, it is believed to be less expensive, though, with a few missing features as well. Following are some of the important specifications and features of Surface RT:

•    Power = 31.5 W-h
•    Processor = ARM Chip
•    Weight = 676 g
•    Screen = 10.6” inch ClearType HD Screen with 16:9 aspect ratio
•    Input = Multi-touch screen
•    USB port = 2.0
•    Storage Capacity = 32 GB or 64 GB with Micro HD Slot
•    Size = 9.3 mm
•    Operating System = Windows RT

Surface 8 Pro:

Unlike the Surface RT, Surface 8 Pro is believed to be a more high-end version of the Microsoft tablet’s series with the following notable features and specifications:

•    Power = 42 W-h
•    Processor = Dual Core Intel i-5
•    Weight = 903 g
•    Screen = 10.6” inch ClearType FULL HD Screen with 16:9 aspect ratio
•    Input = Touch Cover, Multi-touch screen, Pen and Palm Block
•    USB Port = 3.0
•    Storage Capacity = 64 GB or 128 GB + MicroSDXC slot
•    Size = 13.5 mm
•    Operating System = Windows 8 Professional

As you can see that there are some significant differences between these two different versions of tablets. Let us see how it fares through among different groups of customers.


The prices for these tablets have yet to be officially announced. Though, the Microsoft announced that the prices will be ‘competitive’. It is yet to be seen that how Microsoft competes with the cost-effective iPad 3.

Release Dates:

As with prices, Microsoft did not specify any release date for these tablets. However, it was confirmed that the Surface RT will be the one coming earlier. Then, after 3 months of its release date, Surface 8 Pro will be released. So, one may estimate to wait till 2013 to get his hands on the Pro version, while the Surface RT is
likely to be released in autumn 2012.

The feedback for these tablets has been contrasting for different computer techs. For instance, the CEO and founder of MicroStrategy, Michael Saylor said of Microsoft Surface’s announcement:

“I think it’s the most disastrous product announcement in a decade. Here’s a tablet but you can’t buy it because we aren’t shipping it, we don’t know what the price will be and we don’t know when it’ll ship.”

On the other hand, websites like zdnet has said that Microsoft Surface ‘makes a solid first impression’ because of their innovative features, creativity and technology. Though, it is yet to be seen, what it brings to the table, when it is properly released and people get their hands on it.

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