Wedding Flowers For Autumn Wedding

The wedding flowers you choose for your special day can set the entire tone of your event. Without flowers, most weddings would look much less elegant and beautiful. While most weddings use flowers with bright colors often seen in spring and summer arrangements, there are many fall flowers that can bring vibrancy to your day and compliment all wedding dresses without overpowering the other aspects of the event. Consider the use of some of the following flowers in your autumn wedding for that extra wow factor.

Dahlias are a large, bold flower that is perfect for autumn weddings. The flowers are just in season during the autumn months, from September to November. These daring flowers come in colors like deep red, dark burgundy, warm orange, and sunshine yellow. Dahlias are a fantastic companion to an outdoor wedding, such as in a garden, or outdoor patio.

Ornamental cabbage
Ornamental cabbage is a variety of cabbage plant that adds texture, vibrancy, and color to any autumn-themed wedding. The cabbage is in season from September to November, which makes it an economical arrangement choice. Ornamental cabbage can range in color from deep purple, to bright orange, to mossy green. This flower is the ideal complement to a unique fall wedding that is non-traditional and fun.

The physalis flower has beautiful blooms with a paper lantern-like shape. Inside the dark orange flower is a small berry that ranges in color from yellow to red. As the physalis ages, the orange wrapper transforms into a lacy brown cage for the berry that is striking and glamorous. This flower is the ideal companion for a high glamour wedding where elegance and class are the theme.

These adorable fall flowers look similar to a cabbage rose. Ranunculus are in season during the fall, and offer bright colors like orange, yellow, burgundy and dark pink. This blossom is striking in smaller arrangements and bouquets, and would fit a vintage-style wedding perfectly. These flowers will brighten any indoor or outdoor wedding.

A hydrangea flower is a large collection of multiple blossoms into one large blossom. Hydrangea blossoms used most in spring and summer weddings, but the flowers are actually in season during the autumn. You can find hydrangeas in a variety of colors, including deep blue, purple, white, green, and pale yellow. Since the colors are not traditional “autumn” colors, hydrangea blossoms are ideal for non-traditional fall weddings where the bride may not want to focus on traditional colors or styles. Hydrangeas are also an excellent filler flower, as they create large, bold arrangements that stand out.

The chrysanthemum is the typical flower that most people think of when they think of fall florals. These tiny flowers have crinkled petals and small, bulb-like heads. Chrysanthemums come in a variety of traditional colors, like orange, yellow, green, and dark red. These are a more casual flower, which would fit right into a casual wedding with a country or farm theme.

Roses are the perfect flower for any wedding regardless of the season. A rose is a classic, elegant bloom that adds a classic touch to any floral arrangement. Since rose stems vary in size, these flowers are ideal for table arrangements, bouquets, and more. To highlight the autumnal theme of a wedding, choose roses in deep colors, like pale yellow, deep red, and light browns. Many florists offer special rose colors that use traditional fall colors in a unique and elegant way for a more formal event.

Crab apples and other fruit
Autumn is the season of harvest for many plants, and working them into fall wedding arrangements adds a surprising touch of elegance to floral arrangements. Fruit is best in table arrangements and bouquets. Perfect fruits in arrangements include crab apples, small pears, cranberries, and miniature pumpkins. You can take this addition one step further and create a gothic or Halloween themed wedding by turning your pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns.

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