Wedding Pressure When It Comes To Suit Selection

Men tend not to get trusted much when it comes to wedding preparation and those big decisions. Those of you who watch Don’t Tell The Bride may think men are best left out of it.  We get to taste the food for the meal and that’s about it, apart from one area: the suits.

Men are trusted to pick their suits, because they are well versed in what makes a good one. Having said that, the arrangement could hardly be referred to as a carte blanche. It’s pretty common for men to have a brief when they go out to select suits for the groom, the best man and the ushers taking part in the ceremony and their choices are often limited beforehand in terms of colour and style, purely because the suits worn on the day have to look right alongside the dresses worn by the women taking part.

Of course, there is quite a lot of pleasure to be had in shopping for suits and trying on different things. It gives guys a chance to bond and experience some of those memorable aspects of getting married. It’s often an excuse for a bit of a booze up afterwards as well.
A lot of men wear suits every day and so are fully aware of their sizes, but others have no idea. When it comes to trusting men to make the right decisions when it comes to suits for a wedding, it can be difficult to leave them completely in charge when they do not always have a clue what size they are!

The most important thing at the end of the day is to make sure that everyone matches and looks good when it comes to the ceremony so that the photographs all come out wonderfully and provide great memories of the day. It doesn’t really matter who is in charge of the decisions as long as the results are good.

Focus is mainly on the bride on the big day, but everyone in the wedding party wants to feel comfy and for men that means a suit that fits perfectly. Weddings can be nervous occasions so it is absolutely necessary that everyone involved feels at liberty to move freely and enjoy themselves without thinking about petty discomforts like those related to what they have on.

One final tip: if you try on your suit a long time before the wedding in question – make sure you maintain your shape until then!

Gareth Morgan takes a look at planning your wedding day from the grooms point of view, written for Lord James London Bespoke Suits Ltd