Wedding Venue Checklist – Have You Done Everything?

With so much to organise for your wedding, it is easy to forget the small, yet important things. Here is a checklist to help you through your wedding venue arrangements.

There are so many hidden charges and small details that you may not even think of when it comes to your wedding venue. Below is a list of things to look out for and add to your to-do list.

It’s safe to say that the word ‘wedding’ can add 25% to your bill, so be savvy and understand what is included in the quoted price and what penalties you may be charged for not using the venue’s preferred suppliers. A good example of this is the corkage fee; you may be saving pounds on the price of each bottle by bringing your own, but the hotel will charge you for every bottle you consume that wasn’t supplied by them.
The last thing you need on your big day is the re-enactment of a Faulty Towers sketch, so be sure to ask about the staff that will be working your wedding. Are they fully trained and experienced, how many will there be serving dinner, serving drinks and managing the bar? This can be the difference between a day everyone remembers for all the right reasons, or all the wrong ones!

A venue fit for all
Is the venue suitable for all of your guests, can they cater for disabled, elderly or very young guests?

When it all gets a bit too much
When your guests are ready to leave – or even have a mid-party power nap – where will they go? Does the venue have a range of accommodation available to guests? Are there any nearby alternatives to suit all price ranges and requirements? It’s always a good idea to include accommodation information for your guests in advance.

Get me to the church on time!
Transport is another important factor of the day. If your ceremony is at a different venue to your reception, how will you and your guests travel between venues? You may want to organise a coach or bus or alternatively ensure that your guests have directions and a map.  Also consider the car parking at your final venue.

The devil is in the detail
Check and double check what is included in your quote. Remember the little things such as table cloths, place cards, cake table and cake cutter – most venues will carry an additional cost for these things.

Martin Velne writes on behalf of Hadlow Manor