Weird Careers That Are So Exciting

There are so many careers out there to choose from but we only know the most common ones such as attorneys, doctors, artists, models etc; very few actually know about the weird careers that are considered amongst the coolest in the world; obviously by those who know about them. Here are a few possible careers to wet any school graduating palate:


These are extreme scientists who stake out the insides of active volcanoes and collect samples. These are the guys who determine if the mountain is going to erupt or not. It’s a dangerous career and considered weird to many who don’t live anywhere near volcanoes that these guys actually climb into the mouth of the beast. Vulcanologists collect magma, rocks and closely analyze volcanoes to better understand their temperament. It’s a weird job but someone has to do it.

Space Psychologist

They don’t counsel Martians but they do look after the psychological state of astronauts. Space psychologists understand human perception and help astronauts deal with a completely new space that is largely alien to their bodies and minds – no puns of course. Astronauts are subjected to intense pressure on liftoff, zero gravity which causes fingernails to fall out and that’s just the nice stuff. This may be considered amongst the weird careers but it certainly is one of the most exciting.

Food Scientists

Now this is seriously amongst the coolest and weirdest careers ever. We think food scientists would eat much of their products, but they don’t. These are the people who design and engineer stuff like fluffier cake mix and creamier chocolates. Their careers also entail how food stays fresh and what the shelf life could be etc.

Snake Milkers

Okay, firstly this requires that special someone who doesn’t mind the scaly animals and secondly, it really is a weird career. Snake milkers have to milk the venom from the snakes’ fangs. One slip of the finger and they’re off to the emergency room, double time!

Pet Food Taster

Well, this must certainly be an acquired taste. Food scientists taste the food before it ends up in your cat’s bowl, so you must know what you’re getting is wonderful for Fifi, and slightly weird for human comprehension. So, as a weird career it certainly gets first place.
Weird careers are apparently quite wonderful and most interesting. If only more students knew about them, their horizons would certainly be broadened and maybe they wouldn’t all be expected to become doctors and lawyers.
Vida Denning has tried her hand at several careers, finally settling on freelance writing. It’s still exciting when she’s working from Washington DC office space and researching crazy careers, because writing takes her places.