Wells Fargo Threatens Foreclosure On Breast Cancer Patient’s Home

Wells Fargo Threatens Foreclosure on Breast Cancer Patient’s Home

Wells Fargo certainly has showed their feelings about the breast cancer ribbon recently, according to the New York Daily News. The bank has threatened to foreclose on the home of a woman who has stage-four breast cancer and has been battling for four long years. According to the report, there is no way that Cindi Davis and her husband Kirk can afford the high payment Wells Fargo is demanding and still afford her treatment.

Choosing Between Treatment and Their Home

The couple explained to the NY Daily News that it is not like they aren’t willing to pay at all, on the contrary they have offered to pay what they can, but that is not enough for the bank.

The bank expects them to make a monthly mortgage payment of around $900 when they are already spending more than that, about $1,100, on cancer medications alone.

She is not only suffering from stage-four breast cancer; she also has cancer in her lungs, lymph nodes, and liver. Over the last four years, Cindi has undergone a double mastectomy and had multiple rounds of chemotherapy. She has never given up and even explained that the only time she has cried was the day she was diagnosed; since then she has been determined to fight her hardest.

No Exceptions at Wells Fargo

Her dire condition did not seem to phase the bank however. Wells Fargo ignored even pleas for the couple from Cindi’s physicians when they wrote trying to explain how serious her medical issues are. When a local, North Carolina TV station, WCNC, contacted Wells Fargo about the situation they declined to speak specifically of the Davis’ case.

The Bottom Line vs. the Breast Cancer Ribbon

At the end of the day, the bank refuses the “sob” stories of their customers out of fear that they will then have to make exceptions for everyone. While it is understandable that they have a business to run, it is not as if the Davis’ are not willing to pay them at all. A little leniency in their time of need would be the humane thing to do—instead Cindi is preparing herself for the worst.

Well wishes from around the country are being sent to Cindi during this difficult time, hopefully Wells Fargo will have a change of heart about the symbolism of the breast cancer ribbon and assist this strong woman in her time of need.

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