What Are 3G routers?

In technology today the term ‘3G’ often comes up as one of the important aspects involved in mobile communication, but what is a 3G router?
3G routers are cellular devices that can share internet access by the data modem they have built in. They also provide traditional interfaces such as Wi-Fi, but 3G is the latest technology in internet access. Many phones use 3G as a means of network data and it is also very reliable. However, mobile operators charge for the convenience of using it, and the details of this change with the provider.

One of the most popular ways to use 3G is via a laptop and on a daily basis people will log in to their device through a wired or wireless modem which uses 3G internet data. There is also a charge for this service, which varies depending on the supplier. Another large type of usage is through online gaming, whether it is from a console or a PC they all use 3G internet data. The console connects with the internet and then to the area network.
When it comes to 3G networks and mobile broadband modems, the 3G itself takes it to the next level. The routine speed for the modem is over 300KB/sec and devices which also allow internet sharing (from phone to PC etc.) are called cellular routers.
Another form of 3G technology is Bluetooth which is a wireless system that lets someone send information, data, pictures and videos to other devices. In a lot of cases, phones which use Bluetooth have a password and their own individual name. Bluetooth devices may connect to up to seven other devices at any time and some phones also use infrared, which helps send data though this can only be achieved by two devices being beside each other.
Not only is Bluetooth capable of sending data but people can also make calls by it. People may call one another via a Bluetooth headset and this is worn around the ear and is connected to the phone before the call is made. Once the call is made the user quite simply talks into the earpiece. PlayStation consoles also use Bluetooth headsets and again these are worn around the ears. They allow users to talk to other gamers across the world and this is again through the help of 3G. The Bluetooth headset is connected to the PlayStation console, which in turn is connected to major network connections around the world. This means that someone in the UK could listen to and talk to another user in the USA in this way.
Article written by Samantha Worthing from www.nucleusnetworks.co.uk, who are experts in 3G routers and other GPRS network solutions.