What Are Air Curtains Used For?

Air curtains function at entrances of places to stop outside air from making its way inside the area and it is almost certain that you will have noticed them in shopping centres for example. Although there is an extremely high likelihood that you will have seen them it is understandable if you do not automatically familiarise with the term ‘air curtain’. They are however a device that has been used in a huge number of places all over the world for quite some time now and it is clear how useful they seem to be.

Areas of cool storage
You can find air curtains heavily utilised in the process of cold storage and they are extremely competent at keeping control of the air flow in the doorway of freezers for example. The air curtains have to be the right size to carry out this task but when they are used they make a big difference in stopping significant losses of energy and the formation of such elements as ice and fog.

Insects, humidity and dust
One of the reasons why an air curtain may be used is to control the amount of humidity an area has. They are also deployed as a means of stopping particles of dust from entering somewhere and although certain particles can still make it through it is estimated that air curtains are around 70 per cent effective for controlling the level of humidity and dust. There are a lot of establishments that have to do their utmost to keep insects from coming into their premises. As this is the case, air curtains are used as a measure to prevent this from happening. At the door way it is necessary for the whole of it to be covered by the stream from the air curtain in order to keep the insects from entering.

The benefits
Air curtains possess numerous advantages that make them the preferred choice for many places and organisations. For example, the way that they manage to exert a level of control over the amount of air transfer has a positive effect on the energy that is used, which is a benefit for economically-oriented and financial reasons. With air curtains able to stop such elements from making their way inside places this means that the visibility at entrances is of a better standard and this in turn leads to greater levels of all-round safety for people.

Article written by Darren Somerton on behalf of the provider of air curtains – http://www.thermoscreens.com/.