What Are Anti Ligature Devices

What are anti ligature devices, who uses them? And why are they needed?

Anti-ligature doorknobs are usually used in situations where somebody needs to be protected from harm, either deliberate (self harming) or accidental.

Anti ligature doorknobs and not so commonly used in mental health institutions since most patients find hard to operate the complicated locking system used on doors and windows.

Another feature of anti ligature locks is that they cannot be used for harmful purposes since they have no sharp edges or corners are unable to be pulled off the door or window and can be very useful in locking people in when they are supposed to be contained securely. They are also tamperproof and cannot be destroyed easily.

These devices are also commonly used in hospitals is generally speaking most patients need to be treated with extra care and attention. Another place they are used in care homes where patients are being kept under specialist and supervised care at all times. The main reason for this is a lot of patients in care homes need to be treated as if they were a child so it’s extremely important to ensure their safety at all times.

While it is a fact that most hospitals have to provide supervised care to their patients around the clock this may not always be possible. It is for this reason the anti-ligature locks of viewed as an extra precaution to ensure their safety if nobody is available to supervise for them directly for any period of time.

Another reason is that sometimes patients just require privacy and want to lock the door. This can prove especially difficult with standard locks since some vulnerable patients may not be able to operate a standard block properly. People with arthritis for example. Another benefit is that keys can often get lost this usually requires a locksmith to visit and to change the key at considerable cost, time and expense. Even the weakest of patients are able to operate anti ligature locks, even children.

Another important consideration is that because anti ligature locks are round in shape they are extremely safe for patients. They don’t have angular rocks or anything protruding that can potentially hurt a patient or be used to self harm.

Lastly; they are also extremely useful in restricting access to areas where a patient has no business in going, a medicine cabinet for example. Use on their own they are not obviously enough to provide all the care of patients need should be viewed as an extra safety net when a patient is in your care.

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