What Are The Benefits Of Digital TV?

Switching over to digital television is a big change, and one that you should make if you can (of course, in some territories, the digital switch-over has become mandatory, and you may not receive any television channels if you don’t go digital). This new technology has ushered in a difference that has changed television viewing in a radical manner. Here are the advantages of digital television over analogue television:

Picture quality: Because a digital TV signal allows transmission of higher resolution pictures, the image formed on the television has more clarity than could ever be experienced with analogue television. You will be able to notice a very obvious difference for the better in the quality of the picture, both in terms of colour and clarity of vision. Also, you will never have less than perfect pictures with digital television: no more snow or ghost images with digital television! This is a problem that is experienced in some areas, but digital TV is the simple solution.
Wider screen: Because digital channels broadcast pictured in a high-definition, widescreen format, the picture you see because of a digital TV signal will be a third wider than what you would get with the old analogue system.
Better audio: Digital television also brings along different kinds of audio modes, such as single-channel, two-channel and surround-sound audio mode.
A digital TV signal takes up less bandwidth as it allows to be compressed to a great degree. This means that more channels can be broadcast over the same cable or frequency. In turn, this means cable operators can transmit more channels without the need to replace cables. This is not an advantage that users will notice, but it is tremendously useful. It also means that you get to view a larger number of television channels.
This use of less bandwidth also means that parts of the spectrum are freed up and can be used by the police, rescue squads etc., making for a safer community where unfortunate events can be mitigated in a more efficient way.
The user-friendly interface that is provided by digital television is another great feature. Instead of having to browse through channels to see what is on each one of them, the user can see what is on every channel with just one glance at the screen. There are also options that allow categorization if channels, making it more convenient to find just what you want to view on television. The time at which a programme starts, its genre, censorship rating and a description of it are usually available to viewers of digital TV.
If you think these are reasons enough to give up your old analogue television connection for a digital one, do talk to your cable operator about it. Compare different plans that are available – you may not really like having too many television channels to watch, as they can get to be a bit overwhelming, and pick the one that is most to your liking. Then, get ready to view television in a new manner!
Robert Jameson is working in the area of HD technology development.