What Are The Best Features Of An Eco-Friendly Reusable Shopping Bag?

A common sight in our modern world today is litter clogging our streets. Plastic bags have been a key part of this, swept with the wind into our parks, clogging our drains and buried within our gardens. Take a walk round your neighbourhood and I can guarantee you’ll spot a plastic bag lying there somewhere. The supermarket companies and fast food chains have been a key provider of the plastic bag in recent times. We regularly use a plastic bag when we buy just a morning paper or perhaps several to carry our weekly grocery shop. The good news is that now the supermarkets have seen a response to change and are regularly offering their own branded organic bags. Reusable tote bags help the environment and have been seen to look more fashionable than the ghastly sight of a plastic bag. This change in perspective will help us all to reduce our own carbon footprint.

Using one of the different types of reusable bags is a step in the right direction. Reusable bags have many different uses and several key advantages. Obvious advantages are the bags being reusable and biodegradable; however the bags have become fashionable for their customisation. Consumers have readily begun to use the bags more often as they can print their own stamp on their bags when shopping for groceries etc. This is especially useful for companies wishing to prove themselves as being green and to also give the consumer the opportunity to support your brand. This has been seen increasingly during trade shows, where key brands offer out gifts in a tote bag to potential leads, therefore branding themselves out to further leads within the tradeshow through consumers being seen walking around with the same branded bags, whilst remaining ethical by providing reusable tote bags.
Even celebrities have started using the trendy tote bags during their shopping trips. The trend is taking off with the increasing selection of totes; you can fit one to match your style and fashion sense. The bags are available in canvas, jute and cotton, woven, non-woven and paper. Choose the design and colour that most fits in line with your company’s ethos. The strength and durability of the bags means they are likely to last much longer than the conventional plastic bags supplied by fashion outlets and supermarkets, therefore it’s likely your branded message will likely be seen more times than just the once.
Daniel Wallace writes on behalf of Orca Print