What Are The Different Branches Of Law?

There are more than twenty odd branches of law. It is significant to know the kind of law and the lawyers that deal with each branch. These branches have their own policies and strategies through which they approach different cases that fall under their expertise. Following are different kinds of law and the kinds of lawyers required for each:

Work Law

This is a very important branch of law and includes all kinds of employer and employee rights and their defense. This law sets the defined guidelines that helps employers sketch out a contract that establishes a healthy relationship between an employer and an employee. This is one of the vast branches of law and can attain a very complex turn if not dealt with diligence and scrutiny.

Conservational Law

These are laws required to ensure no one is taking any step that is harmful to the environment. It ensures enough steps are being taken to conserve nature in all its forms and aspects. If a factory is emitting harmful chemicals, conservational law comes to aid. This law department also has specific lawyers.

Media Law

There are certain boundaries at which news channel or the media can run all kinds of information. If they cross a boundary that makes a program or something they say, offensive to an individual or the public, a proper case is made against them. This can even include aspects of copyrighting and other similar issues.

Public Law

This law is required to settle any disagreements that have risen under the general public. It can also include a certain aspect of criminal law but is mostly emphasized on solving civil disturbances.

Legitimate Law

This law, as the name suggests, works under the legislation that has been proposed by the government’s legislation. If any individual goes against it, a case is created and a proper lawyer is required for the defense of rights.

Illegal Law

Under this law, there is an offense committed against an individual or even the general public or government. These cases include theft, murder and are easily dealt with lawyers who work in the department of criminal defense.

Trivial Law

This law is for children under eighteen who cannot yet afford to make decisions for themselves without a custodian. This law sets out certain laws that ensure the protection of these children. Abusing or disrupting the general rights of a minor is defended by lawyers who work under this department. These lawyers ensure that the rights are protected against all odds.

Assets Law

This law deals with disputes that might occur when assets are being divided after a divorce or the death of a parent. Lawyers help in ensuring no one’s rights are ignored and the family is given their rightful property even if it means taking the case in court.

The above stipulate the main kinds of laws. It is imperative to know what kind of case fall under which law. This will help you hire the right kind of solicitor when you are in a pickle.

This article is written by Martha Meyer who is an expert on dealing with all branches of law and assisting individuals in categorizing their case in one. Not only law, but knowledge of lawyers is also important, and so Martha suggests you check the best ones here.