What Are The Essential Necessities Of Luxury Living?

luxury flats in Yeshwanthpur

What construes luxury living? Especially when you plan to live in a cosmopolitan like Bangalore which is famous for being the IT capital of India.

Whether you are working here or simply planned to move here, Bangalore is surely a city that can enamor you with her natural beauty. Known as the garden city, Bangalore enjoys her fair share of greenery which is higher compared to many other urbanized cities.

But off late there are incessant and mindless cutting of trees. That’s why more number of upcoming housing projects are now moving towards the greener interiors of the city. New townships and layouts are on the rise. Traffic-weary people are lured by builders to move to previously uninhabited places. There is a rise in luxury apartments that can cater to nouveau riche population.

However, when the builders are building luxury apartments, they highlight and promote certain specifications and amenities, but buyers must be aware as to what constitute a luxury label for an apartment.

So what kind of apartments make up for luxury homes?


A great location encompasses a central location that can have important landmarks such as railway station, airports, tech parks, etc. in travellable proximity. However, often such proximity can increase the daily woes of heavy traffic, noise and pollution. So an ideal location should be balanced mix of both connectivity and beautiful ambience. For example luxury apartments in CV Raman Nagar or luxury flats in Yeshwanthpur boasts of some pretty decent location.

Perfect View

For a luxury apartment views matter the most. A window view has to be perfect to be soothing to the eyes of the occupants. For example if the window overlooks a graveyard, slum, or a hyper-busy flyover definitely it’s not a pleasant sight for the eyes. However much a builder enhances his apartment with a rooftop helipad or Jacuzzi spa for all bathrooms, such window/balcony views would be sore point of living.

Uber Modern Amenities

Luxury homes are meticulously designed to offer maximum comfort, with attractive interiors. They have to offer not just the usual, but some amenities that breathe in the latest modern technology. Cutting edge facilities like sleek and fully equipped kitchen, stylish living rooms with chic LED televisions, fast elevators, gymnasium loaded with modern equipment, strong security system, Wi-Fi, and landscaped gardens with exotic trees are something that a premium project should boast of.

High Quality

Buyers investing in luxury projects would have to ensure high standards for the quality of material used for building the apartment. It should incorporate construction materials with the standards of earthquake resistance, RCC frame structure, fire-resistant aluminium sliding windows, vitrified tiles and floors, etc. A luxury living should emulate a high-quality life with premium living standards.


The luxury of an apartment depends on its exclusivity i.e., the number of people residing in the building or society. Luxury apartments boasts of sparse population because in an overpopulated building or complex, the amenities will be shared among a large number of people and this compromises the overall luxury factor for every individual apartment. When investing in a luxury home, buyers should expect –and get – exclusivity and privacy in every sense.

Safety and Security

With comfort living comes the question of total security. People investing in a luxury home are financially string people. So they would want to be safe from any kind of criminal intrusion. On the other hand, they do not expect to install security grilles over their windows or front door for that would ruin the aesthetic look of their homes. A genuine luxury project has the best of security, both in terms of actual personnel and also the latest electronic monitoring and surveillance. All forms of imaginable safety measures should be firmly in place.

When buying a luxury home, all these factors should be taken into consideration. Choose wisely to live nicely.