What Are The Major Mistakes People Make While Managing Their Reputation

What Are The Major Mistakes People Make While Managing Their Reputation

There are people whose reputation is on the rim of getting marred due to a person/company or a business. Online medium is the best channel that will help them protect their reputation easily, quickly and efficiently.

To defend their image from getting harmed, reputation management is the first step that they need to take. In the case of scarce knowledge about this area and it’s working, people generally commit mistakes that lead to failure of their strategy.

When you perceive your Business to be Small

There are very fewer chances of a small business to get impacted. They think that their business is small, so there will be no harm from outside. It is not always true.

Due to popularity and increase in the activities on social media sites, people like to share their opinion on products and services irrespective of the size of the business. Therefore it becomes very necessary to set aside some time from your weekly schedule and devote it to manage your business reviews.

According to Minc Bio, he has represented several large non-profit firms to remove derogatory remarks and stopped false litigation attacks and online blackmail campaign against board members, executives and organization by discontented ex-employee.

Neglecting Supervision of your Business Image

To help in regular monitoring of your business reputation, it is best to hire someone from your family or outside to do this task. Assign them the task to monitor every word that is being said about your business with the help of social media monitoring tools such as Hootsuite.

There are several people who would love to do this activity for a few dollars, as well. So, increase your workforce and employ them for social media monitoring. You need to provide them relevant parameters on the basis of which you would want your business’s reputation to be managed.

Overlooking Negative Publicity

It is not at all advised to ignore a single derogatory remark or a bad review by any customer or a firm. People think that by neglecting these things, it will disappear. Instead of getting dispersed, it can invoke people with malicious intent to do it even more. You need to keep your cool and respond to the situation more calmly rather than getting verbally harsh.

The best way to handle this issue is to start by thanking them for their feedback. This will let them know that you take criticism in a constructive manner. You can inquire them to get all the details about their transaction such as customer service, product defects, or shipping.

This will help you identify the loop holes, if any. If you think that you were right on your part, then you need to clear your side of the story. Tell them that everything was executed properly and was free of any glitches.


Taking well informed and right steps would definitely help in the successful execution of the online reputation management and recovery of your brand image.