What are This Year’s Commercial Kitchen Trends?

Restaurants are constantly looking for ways to improve revenue while keeping the kitchen space optimally used and uncluttered. In the spirit of this continual mission, I have begun a comparison of three commercial stoves that would be great additions to any restaurant’s arsenal.

First, we have an oven that fits into limited space while providing quality cooking. The Adcraft pizza oven not only conserves space in the kitchen of a restaurant, but it also provides great quality product on a consistent and reliable basis. Heavy duty stainless steel means this oven won’t be disrupted if a stack of pizza pans cascades over the top or hits the sides. The counter top situated device handles snacks and other bakery products. Pizzas and bread cook equally well in this oven.

Next is the Blodgett XR8-E Single Deck Electric Convection Oven. This oven is a mini convection oven with a rotating rack and room for eight 18” x 26” pans. This means a lot more food can be cooked at once. The oven can be situated on a countertop or stand. However, it’s larger size and different style of door opening means more space in the kitchen set aside for the oven. In some cases, that is just not possible.

The Blodgett, however, can be appealing for other reasons. Those include the programmable presets and digital controls, the steam vent control, side by side doors that open vertically rather than horizontally. All of these factors require consideration due to their potential effect on the space used in the kitchen and the additional floor space needed to allow the doors to open fully.

Finally, we have the Bakers Pride P44S – Electric Counter-Top Pizza Oven – Two Ovens. This is another space saver, like the Adcraft pizza oven. This oven is available for a significantly higher price tag. However, it can hold four pizzas at once and has a stainless steel finish much like that of the Adcraft. This oven includes a 15 minute mechanical timer and has two doors rather than the single door for the Adcraft, which takes up a similar amount of space on the countertop. The doors for the Bakers Pride open horizontally, like the Adcraft.

Between the Bakers Pride and Adcraft, the most significant differences are in the prices and the door size. The other consideration is the amount of product that can be baked during one interval. Other than those factors, both deliver exceptional quality baking and guarantee satisfaction for all customers. The preference of the restaurant owner and staff will most likely come into play in a tie-breaker of this sort.