What Are You Forgetting to Insure?

It would be wonderful if we could insure everything in life, and by this I don’t mean life insurance. I’m talking about all the superficial bits and pieces that make up everyday existence.

I’m in that phase where I have minimal (if any) financial support from my parents, but I have yet to enter the warm, tax-break-filled embrace of marital life. In other words, if I’m in an accident, I can’t exactly take my husband’s car to work. Such is the life of a single, disaster-prone woman.

I wish there was first date insurance. The second a man opens his mouth and says that he thinks science-fiction is lame or that pretty girls aren’t funny, I would call my insurance company, pay a small deductible and have help funding the dinner bill and gas money. Then I could go on with my life and pretend the whole fiasco never happened.

Unfortunately, life isn’t that easy. Social train wrecks are my everyday reality and there’s nothing that I can do about it, aside from hiding my action figure collection when I have company over.

While I can’t get reimbursed for romantic disasters, it is possible to insure other things in life. Extra protection options from my insurance company were invented for people like me who just want to worry less. They mean that I can stress about important things, like whether or not my new deodorant smells weird, instead of fretting over repair or towing costs.

Snowmobile insurance

Channel your inner snow bunny and enjoy some fresh powder worry free. You’ve seen the flurries and want to hit some trails, but you worry about collisions with other snowmobile enthusiasts. Toss away your worry and enjoy snow season with snowmobile insurance.

Motorcycle insurance

Let’s face it: Bikes are cool. I’d probably be cooler if I had a motorcycle. If you have a motorcycle, you’re probably cooler than I am. Sadly, a lot of drivers aren’t vigilant of motorcyclists. Keep you and your chrome-detailed baby happy with motorcycle insurance. Just a little protection can go a long way if you’re ever in an accident.

Boat insurance

Maybe you’ve realized that you’re truest love is that for the open seas. Even if you just have a small sailboat, there’s an insurance option for you. Insurance companies offer protection for sea crafts so you can enjoy the salty air (or just the local lake) without worrying about an accident. Some providers offer coverage for total loss replacement, on-water towing and roadside assistance, so no matter where your accident happens – on or offshore – you can get the help you need.

Pet insurance

Forget diamonds – dogs are a girl’s best friend. Nonetheless, sometimes keeping our four-legged friends healthy, whether they are of the canine or feline variety, is a financial struggle. Dog gets gas in the middle of the night? You could end up saddled with a $500 bill from the 24-hour animal hospital for x-rays and blood work, only to find out that your pooch just has a weak stomach. Pet insurance covers instances like these and other mishaps, such as actual illness, injuries and accidents. Whether your furry friend is looking for trouble, or you simply want more peace of mind when it comes to your best pal, consider pet insurance.

Kelly Casey

Guest Blogger

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